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 Subject: Who Is Renderosity?

BabaBozo opened this issue on Aug 27, 2020 · 1 posts

  BabaBozo ( posted at 7:43AM Thu, 27 August 2020 

I'm considering purchase of Poser. Who exactly would I be doing business with? Who is Renderosity? Are you a couple of college kids working out of a dorm room or mom's basement? Are you a giant hyper-rich multi-national corporate mega-company with billions of employees and offices in every city, town and village? Are you me, but I just forgot? Is this site owned by Tony Soprano, and will my post be replied to by Paulie? Will you break my legs if I ask stupid questions about Poser? Are you aliens from the world Xeon36b who are harvesting our neurons for consumption on the home planet? Is this site a fake news conspiracy cooked up by Roger Stone in the basement of the White House with the goal of so distracting us with digital eye candy that we forget to vote? Are you hiding your identity due to embarrassment about the recently leaked sex tape involving you, Jennifer Anniston, and five shockingly unclad Poser figures? I couldn't find an About page, any photos, videos or descriptions of staff, so I tried to figure it out for myself and according to my imaginative analysis you must be one of the above, but darn it, I can't figure out which. Who are you guys? Who would I be giving my money too? Thank you!