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 Subject: Morphs in Shaping-Panel not shown - SWTrium 3rotik Swimsuit & Chic Couture

gengao opened this issue on Aug 20, 2020 · 1 posts

  gengao ( posted at 5:00AM Thu, 20 August 2020 

Hello, i have some products from SWTrium and while some, like Combat Suit V work perfectly, there are the 3rotik Swimsuit and the chic couture gown, where are no morphs shown in the Shaping-Panel, even if I check all the bones. I also tried to re-install, without success. Can somebody help me?

  jennblake ( posted at 10:31AM Thu, 20 August 2020 

Hello. Please use sitemail to contact the vendor for help with this. :smile: They can help you best.