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 Subject: Why was my thread removed?

Doc000 opened this issue on Aug 19, 2020 · 3 posts

  Doc000 ( posted at 1:26PM Wed, 19 August 2020 

I had a thread asking about the mis-priced Prime items. Now it's just gone. Why? Threads like that (where something got screwed up and it was acknwoledged) need to remain so they can be referred to in the future if it happens again, as proof of the issue.

  jennblake ( posted at 1:46PM Wed, 19 August 2020 

Someone posted another response to your initial thread...that was spam in nature and had a TOS violation link in it. That cause the thread to have to be removed. :smile: Was not anything to do with you, or the initial question. :smile:

  Doc000 ( posted at 10:36AM Thu, 20 August 2020 

Then you should have simply deleted/edited the offending post...there was zero reason to nuke the whole thread because of that. You folks earned back a little goodwill by acknowledging the issue, and then promptly wiped it away by deleting the post, and the evidence of the issue.

  jennblake ( posted at 6:57AM Sat, 22 August 2020 · edited on 6:58AM Sat, 22 August 2020

I did not delete the post. I went and looked to see if I could delete the offending post only, and I I put the thread back. :smile: The post as I explained was not deleted due to your issue. We had already responded and the thread was visible.. And it is now back. :smile: