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 Subject: Poser Staff PIcks: July 2 - 8

Boni opened this issue on Jul 10, 2018 · 3 posts

  Boni ( posted at 3:12PM Tue, 10 July 2018 · edited on 9:41AM Mon, 16 July 2018

#### :balloon:**Let's see this week's Great Picks!!** :tada: ___ ___ [![image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [On the Shores of Somewher Else]({:target="_blank"}   By [Nimeria]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [HAPPY 4TH!]({:target="_blank"}   By [lordcoyote]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Petals]({:target="_blank"}   By [jollyself]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Circus Tramp]({:target="_blank"}   By [jollyself]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Movie NIght]({:target="_blank"}   By [MajinBoo]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Summer at the Beach]({:target="_blank"}   By [danidh]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Mail Pin-up]({:target="_blank"}   By [TrekkieGrrrl]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Found]({:target="_blank"}   By [kukri]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Red and Ted Saga Icons]({:target="_blank"}   By [Rendarius]({:target="_blank"} ___   [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [HiveWire Lion]({:target="_blank"}   By [caisson]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [Pilot]({:target="_blank"}   By [StarGazer9]({:target="_blank"} ___ [![Image.jpg](]({:target="_blank"}   [#2729]({:target="_blank"}   By [uncollared]({:target="_blank"} ___ ___   #### :tada:**Congratulations!! Great images Everyone!!**:tada: ___


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  Jules53757 ( posted at 3:27PM Tue, 10 July 2018 

### __*Congratulations*__


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  MajinBoo ( posted at 2:26PM Wed, 11 July 2018 

I'm flattered to make the staff picks again and congratulations to my fellow artists who are featured this week.