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 Subject: V4/M4 products now?

primorge opened this issue on Jul 19, 2021 · 111 posts

  primorge ( posted at 7:32PM Wed, 21 July 2021 

[randym77]( posted at 7:21PM Wed, 21 July 2021 - [#4423642](#msg4423642) > I still have hopes for LF and LH. I kind of like Anime Girl, though I'd prefer to have some more normal clothing for her. Or fantasy/SF clothing that looks something a human might actually wear while exploring strange new worlds or tramping through Mirkwood. > > With a few exceptions, I'm underwhelmed by the clothing available for La Femme. A lot of pinup gear, and some contemporary clothing like jeans and t-shirts. Nothing wrong with that stuff, I use it sometimes, but I'd prefer things that could be used for fantasy or SF. > > The lack of morphs for newer figures is another reason I keep using M4 and V4. There's so much available for the Gen 4 figures. It's much easier to get a likeness with them than with Dawn or LF. > > I also still use K4 a lot. Now that Poser does scaling right, it's really easy to make K4 anything from a toddler to a preteen. And the clothing will fit, if you check the scaling box. I assume not many people use kids in their renders, though, since there's never been a lot of Poser stuff for kids. I have the Millenium Baby. Never got around to buying the Gen 4 kids... There's something vaguely... off... about being a dude buying pre teen dolls lol. Plus I'd be tempted to morph them into something horrific :-D Not so with the Millenium Baby, it's flat out creepy out of the box. I've been greatly tempted to recreate the creature baby from that cheesey 70s horror flick ITS ALIVE using the Millenium Baby, the commercial for which used to terrify me as a child when it would come on TV. I spent a lot of nights alone in a spooky old house as a child, my mother was fond of the Discotheques, watching things like Night Gallery and the Night Stalker (if anyone remembers those old 70s TV programs)... ![eb235f91487acb5630b5a3cfdea98ccd.jpg]( ![68057.jpg](