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 Subject: V4/M4 products now?

primorge opened this issue on Jul 19, 2021 · 111 posts

  primorge ( posted at 3:23AM Tue, 20 July 2021 

There's not many merchant resources available for La Femme, compared to what was once available for V4. I purchased this... by Blackhearted. A general photo resource, not specific to UVs, with plans to create my own resource via projection painting. For the characters I'm doing now I'm using the Gail resource and a lot of general resources. The Gail resource is pretty good in a more V4 type resource sense. Not so much the cracked lip, large pores look like some of the ones available for La Femme. The push for greater realism with Superfly unfortunately has made a sort of at odds situation in the textures department. Things that fashion photographers strive to eliminate in glamour photography are seemingly being emphasized and it's at odds also with the fundamentally unreal appearance of Poser figures in general. The Gail resource is pretty good but it required a bit of work to eliminate some baked in specular and shadows, and just the slightest bit of clone stamp seams showing. Especially on the buttocks and upper thighs, around the collars and shoulders. Not a lot really. I think it's a good resource. Baked in stuff is unavoidable really. It's fixable but it will make things look a bit more "painted". Time will tell how the situation improves in the resource department for La Femme, let alone LHomme. I'm curious how long La Femme's life cycle will be before there's a new version. Or if there even is going to be a version 2. Though I'm not crazy about La Femme's base shape, and certain things are only really possible to change via subdivision morphs, there's a pretty decent amount of content available considering the figure's lifespan and some other factors.