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 Subject: V4/M4 products now?

primorge opened this issue on Jul 19, 2021 · 111 posts

  primorge ( posted at 8:08PM Mon, 19 July 2021 

I appreciate vendors who provide fits for multiple figures. I've actually grown pretty handy myself at making hair refits, For personal use I just do morph refits and parenting. I don't bother with the transfer to specific conformer. Plus I've accumulated some rather nifty tools over the years. Easypose Underground, Spawn and most of Netherworks utilities, PML, most of D3d's things. I've gotten really good with the dependency editor and am pretty good at creating JCMs now too. The newer built in Poser tools are a real help for content creation, less file editing. Though there's still quite s bit of that really. I'm pretty handy at texture painting in Mudbox and Blender, in a stylized way. I love photoshop. I'd say my weaknesses now would be PBR workflow and Superfly which I'm working to get get up to snuff with. Blender cycles is also something I need to work on, primarily because most of my time spent in Blender is strictly modeling and sculpting/retopo. Poser is my rendering destination. Although Eevee and some of the NPR aspects of Blender are very very interesting. I'm very handy with IDL Firefly materials from endless studying of old BB threads and just from using Poser for quite a while. Superfly kind of blindsided me actually, especially since it's another thing that I have to come to terms with, I spend so much time concentrating on other content aspects that there's the temptation to keep working on the "fun" aspects of creation. I don't consider rendering particularly fun itself, setting up the things for the render is more interesting. I like a sort of comic/graphic novel/illustration style personally but I understand where the desire for photorealism comes from and also it's aims. There's room for all things in art really, except perhaps, and a very skeptical perhaps, evil. I'm pretty decent at rigging too. In particular robots and insects. Non human figures. I'm also getting pretty good at retopology using Blender and retopoflow. Clothing creation I've done very little of, never really interested me, but I certainly appreciate the skill involved. I've made a few conformers. I want to make some more actually, my toolset is more conducive to it now. Plus there's the Fitting Room and Morphing Clothes which are both huge incentives in that direction. Summoner. I certainly think your models and Poser rigs are quite incredible. I have a hard time telling what's actually yours and what's appropriation from game assets though. In any case I mean no disrespect but you can see where it would be confusing. The rigs are obviously very involved. Here's some images of some of my things that I have on my tablet (where I'm writing this), it's morphs, textures, straight models, poser figures, sculpts, and 2d imagery/ drawings. All mine. I also have quite a bit of paintings and ceramic sculptures in the traditional mediums, I did that for years and years in California. I just mostly faff about with 3d stuff now, and some drawing, and play Dungeons and Dragons (I DM)... and work.