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 Subject: V4/M4 products now?

primorge opened this issue on Jul 19, 2021 · 111 posts

  !Firefly! ( posted at 6:41PM Mon, 19 July 2021 

"Stand Alone" would be a good thing believing that such would be the most secure way of creations. A "Summoner's" thing atm and seems to work quiet well ! forender 3d used also to make quiet allot with success but stopped and making them for Daz now. Sure allot more work making standalones as you have to do the rigging from scratch and not just copy paste from a existing doll, the one needs great experience to make stand alone figures of good quality and creators in here that are left for poser do not have that experience jet ! Most of the capable ones from witch others could of learned left or gotten bugged out of the communities. In the poser galleries you can see quiet allot of standalone figures used in Poser ! So it seems that some might be quiet popular.