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 Subject: V4/M4 products now?

primorge opened this issue on Jul 19, 2021 · 111 posts

  randym77 ( posted at 3:06PM Mon, 19 July 2021 · edited on 3:08PM Mon, 19 July 2021

I still buy a lot of stuff for V4 and M4, but I won't pay a lot. Because I already have a lot of stuff for them, and because it's often on sale for really cheap. When a character or clothing set is on sale for $3.50, I'll probably buy it, even if I'm not sure I need it. I don't think vendors make stuff for V4 and M4 any more. Maybe stuff like hair or dynamic clothing will have V4/M4 fits, but usually it's aimed at newer figures like Dawn or La Femme.