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 Subject: How do I create beams of light from car headlights in Poser 11.3 Pro?

Anim8dtoon opened this issue on Jun 20, 2021 · 7 posts

  RedPhantom ( posted at 4:47PM Sun, 20 June 2021 

Here's what I did. The scene contains 2 spotlights set just before the headlights, the car, the envriosphere to add a hint of other light, a ballcone to have something in the light, and a plain box encompassing the front of the car and off the screen to act ad fog fore the light to reflect off of. The headlights had a basic poser root node only texture so I added a little ambient color and value of 1 so they'd show up. The box I added a cycles root node and a scatter node. I reduced the end angle of the spot lights to forty to narrow the beam some. That's something you'll have to adjust along with bightness. Here's the scene setup ![headlight scene setup.png]( here's the material for the box ![fog.PNG]( and here's the final low quality render ![headlights render.png]( Like in life with laser beams or light rays, you can't see them unless there are particles in the air. You have to put something in front of the lights to simulate the particles. In this case, the box with the scatter volume. The atmosphere doesn't work well with superfly and slows the render more than this setup will.

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