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 Subject: CAn Poser 12 be installed P11.3?

dompie opened this issue on Jun 11, 2021 · 7 posts

  HartyBart ( posted at 7:00AM Sat, 12 June 2021 · edited on 7:01AM Sat, 12 June 2021

It may be best to back up any valuable custom presets, expressions, script sets etc, just in case: C:|Users|YOUR_USER_NAME|AppData|Roaming|Poser Pro|11 C:|Program Files|Smith Micro|Poser 11|Runtime|prefs|RenderPresets| C:|Program Files|Smith Micro|Poser 11|Runtime|Python|poserScripts|ScriptsMenu C:|Users|Public|Documents|Poser 11 Content|Runtime|Libraries