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 Subject: Addition to cloth simulations

weiesnbach opened this issue on Sep 22, 2020 · 9 posts

  FVerbaas ( posted at 1:26AM Sun, 01 November 2020 

When applying scale to tighten clothing up do it subtly and gradually. Use the length of your simulation. The faster the growth, the more momentum is put into the garment and the more frames it takes to let that momentum die away. The 'shaggy' you see may well be the garment at a far end of the 'pendulum swing' the sudden energy burst pushed it in. The garment is a mass&spring system. Morphs act more local than scales, and therfore produce less momentum. The cloth room is pretty good at solving poke-thru. If you want for example to let a shirt strain over breasts, you can use a start setting with the breast points poking thru slightly.