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 Subject: Addition to cloth simulations

weiesnbach opened this issue on Sep 22, 2020 · 9 posts

  weiesnbach ( posted at 6:05AM Sat, 31 October 2020 

[thoennes]( posted at 5:48AM Sat, 31 October 2020 - [#4402559](#msg4402559) > The cloth simulator does not have cloth elasticity. Wish it did. I've tried heaps of ways to get this using all sorts of hacks over the years. It's just not possible. > > The points of a mesh can resist being pulled apart. It would seem the points have inertia (mass) but no internal energy to the mesh points. They're affected by external forces only. > > The simulator is almost 20 years old, right? > > Another thing I've wanted is thickness and edges. It's a 1 dimensional mesh. To truly get a good image, I simulate the cloth, export to Blender, sculpt (the new cloth sim sculpt is way cool), bring it back into Poser to finish fit-sculpt (for tight things, since Poser's morph tool for this sort of simple stuff has really gotten better). Finally, I export to Blender again, use an edge tool that gives me thickness and rounding at the edges, then back into poser. > > I'd actually make more clothing for La Femme but the creation tools in Poser for something as complex as La Femme are crude and anemic. The best way I've found for posing(it won't work for animating, as I said above, it evens out too quickly), is to scale the underlying model down on the first frame, and then scale it back up while the pose is taking effect. If you have the scale hitting back to 100% at frame 5, and the pose taking effect at frame 15, it will look natural at frame 15, but by the time you hit frame 30 things look saggy.... ...and I've been using double sided clothes for a while now, you just have to pay close attention to the thickness(too thick it won't hit soon enough, too thin, and it hits too soon--bad things happen) and turn on self collision, it would be nice to be able to set a distance for self-collision as well, or as I said above have internal pressure--again bullet physics does that but cloth physics does not.... ...and yeah I feel you on the 20 year old applications. I've been having that thought a lot lately, and not just with Poser.