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 Subject: The Hulk?

arrowhead42 opened this issue on Sep 25, 2020 · 31 posts

  Redfern ( posted at 9:42PM Sun, 04 October 2020 

Actually, it's not that complicated...assuming you have the "morph and maps" sets for both Freak 3 and Michael 3. If not, you won't get the same results. But I have packaged the settings as a "pose" file which is legally distributable. Let's see if I can attach the surprisingly small zip file. Hmm, apparently not. Tell me, do you have a Deviant Art account? If so, I can place it within my "" repository and I can share the link. You will have to make a few changes by hand afterwards. Basically, you will need to scale the feet, toes, hands and all finger (and thumb) segments to 125 percent. That will give the figure more of that memorable "Kirby-esque" blocky proportions. I also scaled the overall figure t 150 percent so that he dwarfs "normal" people. I'm about to retire or the night, so if you post anything in the next few hours, I won't see it until morning (US Eastern DST). Sincerely, Bill

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