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 Subject: Addition to cloth simulations

weiesnbach opened this issue on Sep 22, 2020 · 9 posts

  weiesnbach ( posted at 2:47AM Thu, 24 September 2020 

[FVerbaas]( posted at 2:42AM Thu, 24 September 2020 - [#4400166](#msg4400166) > There could be a solution via displacement maps. Cloth simulation works on mid-plane. The vertices are located in the middle of the fabric. Displacement maps can bring the offset to simulate thickness. Then however you still do not have the edges. Making the edges could be a post- process growing edge facets on free edges of the garment. Also Superfly sadly does not support microfacet displacement. > > Growing the edges would be doable but it would require garments are specially prepared for this, come with dedicated scripts, and users need to know what to do. The same script could move the vertices of the collision object a little inward to simulate the reaction of the skin to the pressure of the garment. > > This however would require greater control and access than offered by the present script interface. Let's hope the updated Python implementation in Poser12 allows to do this sort of things. I don't even use displacement maps anymore because there's no consistency between superfly and firefly on how they work, and both make sense, but they don't play well together at all. In Superfly you'll have to add so many subdivisions that it just becomes unworkable in any real sense, but in Firefly it assumes those subdivision levels no matter what the underlying mesh has, either way I'm not sure sure collision detection in Poser takes into account displacement(it might but I don't see it happening), and that's the whole point here, is to balance friction, collision, and shrinking to make the cloth fit more naturally, especially while animating.