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 Subject: Feet Cameras

DexPac opened this issue on Sep 06, 2020 · 6 posts

  DexPac ( posted at 2:23PM Wed, 09 September 2020 

[parkdalegardener]( posted at 2:16PM Wed, 09 September 2020 - [#4398983](#msg4398983) > Since you can create cameras with a click of the button; why not just create your own? Make a camera. Point at the foot in question and parent so that wherever the foot goes the camera moves and keeps the foot centered more or less.Save it to the library for use in the future. There's a lot of stuff like that we can do ourselves to make the program a little easier to work with, but it's far more convenient when are actual functions of the program rather than homebrew workarounds. Even if we could make feet cameras that worked perfectly, having them right there on the camera control panel would make the workflow so much smoother.