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 Subject: Feet Cameras

DexPac opened this issue on Sep 06, 2020 · 6 posts

  RedPhantom ( posted at 1:28PM Wed, 09 September 2020 

[parkdalegardener]( posted at 1:13PM Wed, 09 September 2020 - [#4398983](#msg4398983) > Since you can create cameras with a click of the button; why not just create your own? Make a camera. Point at the foot in question and parent so that wherever the foot goes the camera moves and keeps the foot centered more or less. Save it to the library for use in the future. Using the parent/ point at doesn't act the same as the hand cameras. The camera will twist and rotate oddly to follow the foot and you can't move the camera closer or further from the foot. As you can see, the right-hand camera stays upright. The right foot has a dolly camera pointed at it and parented to it. The left foot has a revolving camera. Neither works well. ![camera examples.JPG](

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