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 Subject: Who Is Renderosity?

BabaBozo opened this issue on Aug 27, 2020 · 3 posts

  jennblake ( posted at 10:48AM Thu, 27 August 2020 

Hi. :smile: Let me see if I can answer some of your questions. :smile: First, who are we? There is an About Us page [HERE]( and you can also find that at the bottom of every page...scroll clear to the bottom on right. College kids? No..I wish. Oh to be that age again. We are a team of average size, with a lot of dedication and care about what we do here. We work hard, and we care about Poser and those who use it. :smile: As well as other 3D programs. We have a large number of vendors here who we support and work with that create content and we help them put those products in the marketplace and provide them to their buyers. We have a GREAT community here, that can be a great resource for anyone using Poser or any 3D application. You can ask questions, or just chat and make new friends. I think our community is one of our greatest features. :smile: You can ask any questions you like, and I'm sure someone will jump in to help you. Our Poser Technical forum is [HERE]( and if you are new to Poser we have a forum to help you get started [NEW POSER USERS FORUM]( If you are looking for some good Poser tutorials you can find those [TUTORIALS]( We have a page that will introduce you to our [TEAM]( as well. I hope this gives you a little more confidence in who we are and that we are here to help you should you have questions or need assistance. And I wish you a great rest of your week. Jenn