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 Subject: Endomorphs not moving bones in Layout

Pandorian opened this issue on Jun 30, 2020 · 2 posts

  Warlock279 ( posted at 5:54PM Fri, 03 July 2020 

Not sure if this will help, but from this, it sounds like what you're experiencing might be expected behavior? [At least until you've finished rigging?] [Create Joint Morph]( So far as I'm aware, once you convert skelegons to bones, they become a different type of data, one that isn't affected by stuff like endomorphs. Endormorphs move geometry/points [skelegons are a type of point data], bones also move geometry/points, they're two different ways of achieving the same thing, a change in mesh shape, so I wouldn't expect a morph to move a bone. Refer to that article above tho cause I'm still on LW10 and I haven't kept up with all the changes since, so I could be out of date on things.

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