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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

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  bantha ( posted at 9:47AM Mon, 24 February 2020 

[Retrowave]( posted at 9:44AM Mon, 24 February 2020 - [#4374102](#msg4374102) ... > If I were manager for Poser, this would be my plans for her: > > * Replace Poser's viewport with the realtime EEVEE viewport used in Blender. ... > The difference these three key elements would make to Poser across the board, are quite significant. The reason being that everything you do in Poser will all of a sudden, happen in realtime due to having EEVEE. With this in place, along with specialised lower-poly animation-figures to work with, and a more productive animation system in place, Poser would blast through three hurdles: EEVEE probably won't happen, since it has a GPL license. Cycles has an Apache license, so it can be included in other Software without forcing them to make the rest open Software too. Include EEVEE, and Rendo would have to make Poser Open Source. Won't happen.

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