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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

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  CHK2033 ( posted at 7:55PM Wed, 12 February 2020 

[Likos]( posted at 7:00PM Wed, 12 February 2020 - [#4380122](#msg4380122) This right here: **This License does not grant permission to produce a real, tangible Product or replica of the 3D mesh/model/Product acquired.** Pretty much says it all, even though it does say to contact them if that is your intentions (as in to 3D print it for whatever usage other than your own personal) for an extended license, which most likely means them just asking the creator (someone like me) and the creator (again someone like me ) saying Nooooooooooooooo ! :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, But in a way if that feature was in Poser I would go broke trying to print out everything I created...I would make up things, "hmm that sphere looked rather printable"... just to print it out . :grin: OT: Just out of curiosity which Printer did you pick up, Im in the market for one. haven't really checked any out lately


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