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 Subject: New Poser Wishlist

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  Blackbirdx61 ( posted at 1:12AM Tue, 21 January 2020 · edited on 1:14AM Tue, 21 January 2020

A Wardrobe! This may have been asked for before, but I did look through a good bit of this thread and google searched it as well. It amazes me, and Maybe I am Missing something as a long time DAZ user coming over to Poser, but Poser (11) does not seem to have a Wardrobe or Closet. So all my clothes for V4 my primary Actor are tossed in with the props, and the Figures, and Poses (for Mats) How one is supposed to use this mess is utterly beyond me. As a longtime DAZ user, it is in my opinion one of the few things DAZ got right. Included is a snapshot of a few tiers of my own wardrobe, where you will find Business Clothes, Casual Outfits, Even Fantasy, and Some Armor. Because that is how I think most people think of Clothes. If I'm going to work I pull on a Top and Jeans. If I'm taking my wife out I'll find a button down. And Just as I don't organize my Closet by Armani, or Chanel (or other names I cant afford); I don't organize my DAZ wardrobe by Artist. Quite Honestly I dont care who made the The Top, the Coat, the Heels, once I own the asset; And I have probably Hundreds of Options at this point to dress my Claudia. At this point. I was trying to duplicate an outfit I used in DAZ last night to make a comparative render. 3Delight vs Firefly, and I wasted an hour not finding the top. Finally I just through something on her. I should not have to open DAZ to find my clothes, make notes about the Artist and file type and then come into Poser and try to root them out of the Bin that you all toss absolutely everything in together. I mean seriously its Poser 11 and you still have Scene Files Check by Jowl with Outfits because their both a CR2 or Pz3 file? Really that works for you. That works for Anyone? Please Give us a Closet to keep our Clothes in, it utterly amazes me you don't have one already.![MyWardrobe.png](