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 Subject: Bow Wave Using DCG Terrain Tools

bwtr opened this issue on Jan 06, 2009 · 32 posts

  MarkBremmer ( posted at 6:22PM Wed, 07 January 2009 

 No worries, It's a little counter-intuitive. Here's a sample that I slapped together. Click the image for a larger view. What you can't see in the screen capture is the vertex object that is actually in the shape of the wake. This has it's visibility turned off.  The shader for the wake is a multichannel mixer that combines two water shaders using the Terrain>intersect function. You can see the object "wake", which is the vertex object, as the shape that the Terrain Tools function is tracking to blend the two shaders together.  Then I just added some noise to the blend function and additionally created an irregular fall-off in the plug-ins dialog box. (you just have to click on the button for custom falloff) Just post back with any questions.