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 Subject: more Japanese freebies

infinity10 opened this issue on Jul 14, 2007 · 2019 posts

  Whazizname ( posted at 1:22PM Tue, 04 November 2008 

A lot of 3d programs read/ use 3dmf (in fact Poser does too...); it is an older file format. The (now) more common formats are improvements upon it (If I remember correctly ...; ask Dr.Geep. Heheh). The reason I suggested that you convert the 3dmf to obj is that I've had 3dmf files that behaved strangely in Poser; but once converted to obj, they behaved like any other imported prop. Converting to obj (in the way that I suggested) also will allow you to "Poserize", or "rig" the prop, if you wish. I bet there is a lot of info about the 3dmf format available online; do a search with your favorite engine and see. (: