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 Subject: What am I missing?

arrowhead42 opened this issue on Oct 17, 2020 · 6 posts

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  arrowhead42    ( ) ( posted at 8:36PM Sat, 17 October 2020 

Hi everyone, I'm just wondering something about MAT poses and/or materials..... I have a model that has a rather complicated procedural shader. The model itself is a morphing prop (a rocket) with about 9 different material zones (wings, rocket body, fins, etc). I saved the shader as a material file (.mt5) and I've found it rather tedious to click on the material file, hit the check mark to apply it, at which point poser asks me what material zone to apply it to. I click wings, then repeat the process for fins, rocket body, etc, etc. In the past I've created MAT files but they only work on figures (.cr2 files). Just wondering if there's any such way to do a one-click application and place a procedural shader on multiple material zones on a morphing prop, rather than to do it a bunch of times. Thanks in advance -

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  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 9:38PM Sat, 17 October 2020 · edited on 9:42PM Sat, 17 October 2020 · @4401690

What you want to create is a .mc6 or a material collection that is specific to the model but includes all material zones. That is your 1-click option to the MATpose file. The approach is similar to creating a.MT5 except you click on the Material Collection radio button, click the Select Materials pill button below it, and make sure that all the material zones are check-marked on including Preview. Click OK, double-check that you have given the collection a name, and click OK again. This is assuming that the model has all its material zones pre-populated with nodes and textures.

If you only have one type of material for all the zones, simply click on the contextual menu and select Apply to all.., then create a Material Collection for that specific model.

  ghostship2    ( ) ( posted at 9:43PM Sat, 17 October 2020  · @4401692

Handy tip: you can use a .mc6 file to create partial texture settings (just the eyes for example). I have one set up in my presets for the mouth/teeth and more of eye colors. Toenails, fingernails. Makes it quick and easy to texture multiple figures and saves GPU ram.

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  RedPhantom    ( ) ( posted at 9:49PM Sat, 17 October 2020  · @4401693

Yes, you can. You can make files that change all the mat zones or just a few of them. While in the material room, with the object you want to save the materials for, click the plus on the library like you would to save a single material, but when the "new material set" window pops up, rather than having "single material" chosen, click the circle next to "Material collection". If you only want to save some of the materials, click the "select materials" button and uncheck the ones you don't want. This will save an MC6 file rather than an MT5

Incidentally, if you are in the material room when you apply a single material (an MT5), it won't ask you to pick which mat zone to apply it to. It will automatically, apply it to the one you have selected.

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  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 8:33AM Sun, 18 October 2020  · @4401713

Another useful thing about saving materials - even a single one - as .mc6 is that you can ensure you never apply something where it shouldn't be. If it's saved as a .mc6, your material will only ever apply where it should be, so you won't find yourself looking at a figure with a sparkly red face because you forgot to select the legs or whatnot.

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  arrowhead42    ( ) ( posted at 11:59AM Sun, 18 October 2020  · @4401724

Got it - I was sure it was something simple.... Thanks so much everyone!

Here's the link to my freebies:   https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/?uid=493127

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