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Would you like to tell the Poser 12 Development team something you would like to see added to Poser 12? Or a tool that already exist be improved upon? Tell us here!

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 Subject: OMG...the list is long!

Azpir8king opened this issue on Sep 20, 2020 · 3 posts

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  Azpir8king    ( ) ( posted at 7:41AM Sun, 20 September 2020 

  1. The ability to add up to 6 hashtags in an library item description and search by that hashtag. So, if I have something in my library (or just purchased) that will work in project, I want to ad #Galadriel to that item description. Then, when I am ready to put that figure into the scene, I search for #galadriel and all of the items I tagged while looking through my library show up in a tidy list.. Since renaming the object and moving it present problems, this is the easiest way to classify an object for use. I can also add in other tags that make group searches easier, since the vendor name seems to be the priority in the runtime. Along with that, I want a "HAshtags used" list that I cna choose from. This would DRASTICALLY increase the usability of the library, since there is no standard for among items.

  2. EXTAR LARGE mouse-over previews of any picture in the library. It is next to impossible to see what we are looking at.

  3. A much better toon/graphic novel render interface to allow more adjustments and tweaks.

  4. When in the materials room for a character or object, I want to press the "Page down" button to move to the next item in the material list, rather than having to mouse over and click the drop down.

  HartyBart    ( ) ( posted at 1:45PM Sun, 20 September 2020  · @4399937

  1. and 2 are covered by the third-party PzDB 1.2, currently on sale at $21. Tagging and nice picture icons. Drag and drop from PzDB into the scene.

  2. Yes, some form of 'line gap filling' would be welcome for lineart, though broken chips and gaps lines is a problem now solved (see VisNews #13). One can still also render the lineart in Sketch with a fat charcoal line and then composite the two lineart renders in Photoshop. Or make a full Firefly toon-outlines render and use that. But perhaps Poser's 12's post-processing will take care of such things. Though I'm not sure it will actually be a compositor of multiple renders - and will probably be more like a half-dozen post-processing filters that can be applied to one render.

  3. Yes, that would be good. The Material Room is getting an overhaul, so perhaps that will be part of it. It seems likely to be released in a few weeks, so we'll know then. Ideally Poser 12 would have recordable Actions, like Photoshop. There are the Python scripts of course, which can bulk strip/replace materials, and thus no clicking is needed. Have you looked at some of the material-handling utility scripts, to give characters a toon materials makeover (I assume that's what you're doing)?

  ockham    ( ) ( posted at 3:40PM Sun, 20 September 2020  · @4399945

In general, more control over the size of elements in the workspace would help a lot. One fairly natural solution would be to resize everything inside a palette when you resize the palette. Most programs and browsers work like this. In Poser, resizing one of the internal panels includes more rows but doesn't zoom the text or PNGs.

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