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 Subject: Freebie WIP - "Rocket Bairn" for Pippin

monkeycloud opened this issue on Mar 04, 2013 · 61 posts

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  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:31AM Mon, 04 March 2013 · edited on 3:43AM Mon, 04 March 2013

Just something I'm playing around with, modelling in Hexagon and rigging in Poser, for the free Pippin figure... (clay render attached is made in Poser to test how the mesh performs therein)

...not sure if it will need to be conforming figures yet, or just smart props... will share it once done. Looks like it will be the first of the various free stuff contributions I have WIP that I'll get finished.

Suggestions for adding to it / improving it are very welcome meantime... ;)

So far, I'm planning to rig it (and have modelled it) so that the jet turbine can be rotated...

...and there will also be an optional visor to the helmet, that can have transparent or semi-transparent mats applied to it... and will possibly be open-able, with a dial... if I can figure out how to rig that, with what I've modelled...

  bobbystahr    ( ) ( posted at 8:21AM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047354

neat suit..  ...


Once in a while I look around,
I see a sound
and try to write it down
Sometimes they come out very soft
Tinkling light sound
The Sun comes up again






  Alisa    ( ) ( posted at 10:20AM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047387



  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 11:00AM Mon, 04 March 2013 · edited on 11:03AM Mon, 04 March 2013 · @4047413

Thanks guys :)

Loving playing around with modelling stuff for Pippin by the way Alisa :)

I've moved onto rigging this suit now. It's currently a figure for the helmet, figure for the jet pack, and two conforming prop shoes. Hopefully I'll finish it later this week.

I was thinking it'd be cool to make a character morph and texture for Pippin, to go with the rocket suit, after that... I've got a few ideas there...

  Alisa    ( ) ( posted at 11:32AM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047424



  danidh    ( ) ( posted at 11:48AM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047431

Watching with great interest.  smile. Dani

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 1:52PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047457

Still rigging... but here's some renders to give an idea of the mat zones I've got so far...

Note that the I'm using Bagginsbill shaders here that I can't release with the freebie... there's some from the BB / Dreamland furniture products...

...but also two new shaders that he hasn't yet released... Candy Glitter and Candy Satin Flame. These are really cool shaders... I hope he gets round to distributing them soon! ;)

Anyway... I'm planning to release the freebie in similar colors, with shaders that I'll make based on the straight BBGlossy shader.

These renders are really just to demonstrate the mat zones. I've UV mapped everything too (just in ZBrush using UV Master) but I'm just using procedural shaders rather than any painted texture maps...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 1:52PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047458

Side view :)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 1:54PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047459

Engine glow...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:36PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047477

Close up of the Jet Pack...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:41PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047478

Oh yeah, here's a wireframe too... I've aimed for a similar sort of poly resolution to the Pippin figure I guess...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:58PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047493

Friggin' up the riggin currently... whoops... this is the hard part, eh? He he ;)

It would be straight forward of course, if I didn't want the moving parts.

But I think they'd be cool to have...

...I'm sure there's some trick to lining up joint centres that I've yet to discover. Hopefully I'll discover it soon!

I'm off to re-read a few rigging tutorials... :)

  Alisa    ( ) ( posted at 7:12PM Mon, 04 March 2013  · @4047522

It's looking great!


  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 6:00AM Tue, 05 March 2013  · @4047615

Dani made me notice this thread.

It looks great! Especially COOL Jet Pack!

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:51PM Tue, 05 March 2013 · edited on 4:55PM Tue, 05 March 2013 · @4047761

Thanks Elleque :)

I'm having fun modelling for Pippin, I have to say.

I'm getting there slowly with rigging it... the turbine now spins without any noticeable wobble, I think...

I was becoming cross-eyed using the Joint Editor to fine tune it though... he he. I had modelled the jet pack at an angle.

Now to try to make the helmet visor lift up and down.

Then I think he might still need the addition of a wrist band with micro-computer for talking to flight control...

...or perhaps a dummy (pacifier) with a built in pilot's microphone.

I think maybe the option of flight goggles too would be good...

  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 4:52AM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4047878

Many interesting ideas! I am looking forward to seeing those completed :)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:56PM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4048012

Here's some renders of the helmet and jet pack rigged to conform... and the smart prop'd boots...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:59PM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4048014

I conformed the Jet Back belt to the Chest actor... works reasonably well, although it needs adjusted manually (which works fine) if bending the Chest a lot, because the belt actually sits right between the Chest and Abdomen actors...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:59PM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4048015

Take off!

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:00PM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4048016

To infinity and beyond! :)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:01PM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4048017

This one shows the Helmet Visor dialled about 75% open...

  Alisa    ( ) ( posted at 5:07PM Wed, 06 March 2013  · @4048019

Real cute :)


  danidh    ( ) ( posted at 4:34AM Thu, 07 March 2013  · @4048126

That is awesome!

  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 5:57AM Thu, 07 March 2013  · @4048130

Great looks! All items seem to have no problem.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:42PM Thu, 07 March 2013  · @4048356

I've now finishing replacing all the initial mats I showed earlier in the thread (which were based on some brand new Bagginsbill Candy Paint shaders) with shaders derived from Bagginsbill's original BBGlossy, BBCarPaint and Snarlygribbly's EZMetals shaders... which, as I understand it, are okay to include...

...and I've compiled to a zip and uploaded the first version of the Helmet, Jet Pack and Booties to freestuff.

Hopefully it is all done correctly and will be available soon ;)

I'll make the Goggles and wristwatch computer next I think and release separately... also gonna try my hand at a character morph and skin texture for Pippin...

...but I thought it'd be good to get some feedback on what I made so far, since this is the first freebie I managed to finish :)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:44PM Thu, 07 March 2013 · edited on 5:48PM Thu, 07 March 2013 · @4048359

The finished article...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:45PM Thu, 07 March 2013  · @4048360


  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:45PM Thu, 07 March 2013  · @4048361

...and finally...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 6:09PM Thu, 07 March 2013 · edited on 6:14PM Thu, 07 March 2013 · @4048367

The mats that it comes with ready-applied really need rendered with ray-tracing...and the Jet Suit mat uses fresnel_blend node, by the way, so needs Poser 9 / Pro 2012.

In the mc6 for the Jet Suit mat I also figured out how to additionally embed the command to activate the Pippin "Shirt" morph (i.e. set that to 1).

However most of the mats will work with at least Poser 7 or up, I think.

The actual clothing items should all work in Poser 5 and up, as far as I know.

But I only have Poser 9 and Pro 2012, so I couldn't check any of that for sure...

It should be easy to change the materials (I hope) if you're just using procedural shaders anyway... there's clearly named (hopefully) material zones, for each color zone that you can see in the renders above...


  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 4:40AM Fri, 08 March 2013  · @4048468

I think they will work well with old Poser and DAZStuido(except the MATs).

I just can't wait to get them!

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:55PM Fri, 08 March 2013  · @4048686

The Jet Pack, Helmet and Booties are available in Freestuff now :)


  Saxon3d    ( ) ( posted at 3:16PM Fri, 08 March 2013  · @4048693

nice work chris and great wip content too in here, a great idea to encourage others into modelling i think...............

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:27PM Fri, 08 March 2013 · edited on 4:28PM Fri, 08 March 2013 · @4048719

Thanks Saxon :)

I certainly like to read WIP threads from others, as well as threads about specific technical problems that people are solving within their WIP projects... it has definitely inspired me to have a go at creating some content myself...

...and I think there's a real danger I might get hooked now! I've had fun making this set ;)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:56PM Fri, 08 March 2013  · @4048727

I think the stuffed doggy might need a jet pack too now ;)

  Alisa    ( ) ( posted at 5:27PM Fri, 08 March 2013  · @4048735

It's up!  Thanks :)


  pokeydots    ( ) ( posted at 11:27PM Fri, 08 March 2013  · @4048817

Thank you! 

Poser 9 SR3  and 8 sr3
Processor Type:  AMD Phenom II 830 Quad-Core
2.80GHz, 4000MHz System Bus, 2MB L2 Cache + 6MB Shared L3 Cache
Hard Drive Size:  1TB
Processor - Clock Speed:  2.8 GHz
Operating System:  Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 
Graphics Type:  ATI Radeon HD 4200
•ATI Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics 
System Ram:  8GB 

  mininessie    ( ) ( posted at 3:06AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048838

is really fantastic!!!

  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 5:00AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048852

Thank you very much for the beautiful items for Pippin :)

Excuse me, I don't understand whether this is a problem of only my environment.

The lower buckle of the bootie has a hole.
So I tried to load the obj file by a 3D program which I use.
But I saw no hole on that. I don't know why, but the hole appeared on the stage of Poser9.
I use MacOS.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:45AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · edited on 5:46AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · @4048855

Aha! Whoops... many thanks Elleque. I see the issue too now.

It looks like I have accidentally deleted the polygon on the lower buckle somehow! Silly me :)

Unless it is some Poser grouping issue perhaps. But I see now that the issue is on both booties (symmetrical) so likely a modelling issue, before I made the second bootie as a mirror image of the first.

I will prepare a fix when I have time later today and post a link here.

If it is just that I deleted the polygon, I should be able to just issue a zip file with just the obj files for the booties... as I made all the geometry separate to the pp2 files.

If anyone else notices anything I should fix, or has any tips to improve, please let me know... it is much appreciated :)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 6:29AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048864

Hmmm.... actually, I thought I did see the same issue as you Elleque. But now I think I was mistaken.

I checked my copy of the files I uploaded and it seems to be okay...

Can anyone else see the problem of the missing polygon on the bootie buckles?

Here's a close up of my original copy, as uploaded...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 6:30AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048866

Here's the lit wireframe view of the same...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 6:34AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048867

I checked that buckle polygon in the obj file in Hexagon again and it looks okay, I think... normals are the right way out too.

Maybe it is your system after all? Would you be kind enough to try re-downloading perhaps and look again?

It would be good to know if anyone else has noticed the same issue too...

Many thanks :)

  toyyaris    ( ) ( posted at 6:36AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048868

I just downloaded the files, thank you so much for the cute outfit

big hugs

  toyyaris    ( ) ( posted at 7:10AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · edited on 7:12AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · @4048874

I think there is nothing wrong with the buckle the part of the buckle that looks transparent is to deep in to the shoe, to be sure you will have to bring that part a little bit more to the front, the way it is now it partly takes  the color of the shoe, which gives the impression it is transparent.

Hope I explained it well, but that is what I think happens, if you putt the buckle a little bit to deep it looses his color and takes over the color of the part beneath of behind it.

big hug and I hope it works 

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 7:27AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048877

Ah, thanks Toyyaris, I'll check if that's maybe what's going on there... :)

  toyyaris    ( ) ( posted at 8:04AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048880

you are very welcome

big hug

  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 8:23AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048885

I redownloaded the file. But the result was the same.
Some geometries of the booties are lacking in my environment.
I got the same result with Poser on Windows Vista.

I couldn't see that problem with my 3D program or DAZStudio.
I saw that with only Poser.
And now I saw that problem on your promo image "monkeycloud_rocketbairn_promo1.jpg". But it may be my mis-recognition. Because it is a small part.
Other promo images seem to have not that point. Did you make the promo1.jpg the same time as other promo images?

Forgive me if this was an impolite act, now I tried to open your obj file by a text editor.
I have heard that some program needs Line-Feed to read a file in a single-line units.
I added LF in the end of the obj file.
The left(RihtBootie) is that result.

But I am still doubting my environment of Poser and MacOS. And my Vista is working in a virtual system on MacOS.
I would like to know whether every Mac user will see such a status.

I think it is good if this matter is a cause of only my environment.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 10:30AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048924

Aha! Thanks Elleque. I did copy and paste the obj data from the prop into the obj files for the booties using TextEdit on OS X. I will try re-saving the obj files from my modelling app perhaps... maybe it is simply due to that line feed bug...

  elleque    ( ) ( posted at 11:19AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048936

This is my render result with the fixed obj file. I think that position of the buckle is sufficient to see. Each part must be very small because of Pippin's size, though...

The buckle has a high mirroring value. Thus the surface of the bootie is reflected in its side. Then, it may have been seen as to be in a deep position. I thought so.

Incidentally, this is a report.
I don't know which version of Poser everybody is using. I use Poser 6 - 9.
The command of "Conform to (Fit to)" does not work with Poser7 or DAZStudio. It must have a description of the same bone structure as Pippin in its CR2 for Poser7. You can copy the description of Pippin's CR2 if you are interested in it.
And old Poser users (or DS users) have to set the materials by themselves.
But they can use the item by parent-izing manually. I think probably that is not a difficult work for a Poser user.

I especially love the elaborate design of the Jet Pack. Very COOL :)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 11:50AM Sat, 09 March 2013  · @4048980

Cool - many thanks for the detailed feedback report Elleque :)

Attached to this post is a zip file with re-saved (from Hexagon) geometry files, if anyone is on Windows and maybe sees the same issue as Elleque noticed, with the buckles on the booties... try applying the attached fix.

It should just replace the obj files for the booties, if you merge it to the same location the set was initially unzipped to. Let me know if the fix works okay... or not?

Unfortunately I only have Poser installed on OS X at present... so cannot test it to make sure it fixes the issue. But I think it sounds like it could be the fix required... hopefully.

(note: save the attached text file and remove the ".txt" extension, to make it a zip file)

Otherwise, I will also include those and any further fixes to the Jet Pack set with the further items, that I will release next, when I finish them...

e.g. I am still planning to add flight goggles, a version of the jet pack for the stuffed bunny :) and some other little bits and pieces that I had ideas for...

...so, I will just upload the whole thing again with all of those added, in due course ;)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 11:53AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · edited on 11:55AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · @4048989

Quote - The command of "Conform to (Fit to)" does not work with Poser7 or DAZStudio. It must have a description of the same bone structure as Pippin in its CR2 for Poser7. You can copy the description of Pippin's CR2 if you are interested in it.

I only added the "Chest" bone to the Jet Pack and the "Head" bone to the Helmet... which seems to do the trick for Poser 9 / Pro 2012.

Do you mean that I need to add all the bones, in order for the "conform to..." to work in earlier Poser versions then?

Or do I just need to add descriptors for the other bones (e.g. without all the joint data)?

Many thanks :)

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