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 Subject: Character Creator Depot - Post all links related to characters

loganarts opened this issue on Mar 22, 2004 · 14 posts

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  loganarts    ( ) ( posted at 6:30PM Mon, 22 March 2004 · edited on 11:49PM Mon, 06 March 2006

Hello artists, I want to start a thread that will be a reference for us all. From tools to artists, from articles to inspiration. Post all your bookmarks right here!!!!! All i ask is a small description of the link, like this: www.wings3d.com - the best free modeler software available (IMO the best among the non freeware as well) www.barontieri.com - one of the best concept artists i know and a great pal. http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html - A free painting software that simulates traditional medium. ULTRA COOL!! www.warpedspace.org - home of amaan akram one of the best references for adding character to a character using lights. www.taron.de - the character master thats it for now.. I have much more but im gonna post in small doses cos i dont want to cause an OD somewhere in the cyberartspace :) cheers mates Loggie

  petes    ( ) ( posted at 1:01PM Wed, 24 March 2004  · @1719754

i'm putting one together. i'll post it this weekend!

lightwave, photoshop, oreo's...tools of the trade.

  diolma    ( ) ( posted at 3:37PM Wed, 24 March 2004  · @1719910

Might I also suggest adding warnings about so-called art-ware that is bad/dangerous/buggy might also be a good idea (or perhaps a separate thread for that..) Cheers, Diolma BTW: http://www.ac3d.org - A 3D modelling program that I find very easy to use, and a snip at $50

  laughingnome    ( ) ( posted at 3:54PM Wed, 24 March 2004  · @1719927

same as Petes. i'll post later this weekend. barontieri he was on my list lol. excellent artist. cheers stu

  loganarts    ( ) ( posted at 4:51PM Wed, 24 March 2004  · @1719957

heyas Laughing, Barontieri is working with me here in UK.. i can call him a friend already.. ultra cool guy and a bloody talented bastard cheers mate Loggie

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 6:20AM Fri, 26 March 2004  · @1721847

Excellent Character/Creature concept designs: http://www.wildpixels.com/brasshorse/ http://www.characterdesigns.com/ http://anime-model-sheets.com/ http://www.teamgt.com/index2.htm 3D Character Artists: http://www.3dluvr.com/loganarts/ - (A great guy, our mod, my pal, and an excellent artist. Recently updated website.) http://erikasorson.com/ - Excellent low poly game artist, his texture work alone is amazing. http://www.thehobbitguy.com/index.html - Excellent 3D artwork and a really cool person too. http://www.secondreality.ch/ - Arlid Wiro's website. Great character modeling tutorial and an excellent artist to boot! There are more but I'll leave ya with that for now.

  loganarts    ( ) ( posted at 6:55PM Sat, 27 March 2004  · @1723971

i cant believe i forgot this one: http://cube.phlatt.net/forums/spiraloid - digital sculpting forum http://cube.phlatt.net/home/spiraloid - home of Bay Raitt (gollum) http://cube.phlatt.net/home/spiraloid/movies/bayPlayMirai.avi - MUST HAVE TIME LAPSE - GONNA CHANGE UR PERSPECTIVE ON CHARACTER MODELLING

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 6:57PM Sat, 27 March 2004  · @1723973

Thankee...Hey, check the WINGS forum, Loggie. I made a post. :D

  staigermanus    ( ) ( posted at 11:49PM Mon, 06 March 2006  · @2607935

Attached Link: http://www.n-sided.com

The Demo version of QUIDAM by n-sided, for Windows, is available. http://www.n-sided.com no, it's not a Poser competitor, well perhaps for some, but this is more focused on making new models, and sending them to your favorite 3D animation tools. Complete with bones, textures, normal maps... It will make new characters from existing free samples. You can also import OBJ geometry to make stuff from models coming from Poser or others. I'll have some more examples of my own at http://www.thebest3d.com/nsided Note that there is now an official forum at their website, and the unofficial Quidam forum at yahoogroups. Would be great to have a forum at rosity on Quidam. It's brand new but already one of the busiest threads at eovia3d.net, although it's not from Eovia. n-sided/Quidam was created by Pierre Bretagnolle, amongst others, and he's known as an Amapi grandmaster.

  EdToShred    ( ) ( posted at 5:19AM Sun, 03 April 2011  · @3783195

Hey gang...

I'm not sure if this is the right place... but.

I'm looking for someone to create several custom Poser figures. These are not going to be super high detail. The facial features don't need to be great but the clothes & hair need to look indicative of a real person. I'd prefer they were based on v4 & m4 so that I can the walk designer.

Anyone know of any services that create custom poser fig's? Please email - posfigs@edtoshred.com



  ldgilman    ( ) ( posted at 3:19AM Sat, 01 August 2015 · edited on 3:20AM Sat, 01 August 2015 · @4216741

I just tried to go to N-Sided, the domain is either for sale or not there.

Sorry for the post, I just saw how old the above posts are.

  huggb711    ( ) ( posted at 10:07PM Tue, 18 October 2016  · @4287166

I want to create my own characters of scratch can anyone tell me how to do that?

  Cherubit    ( ) ( posted at 6:30PM Wed, 14 December 2016  · @4292684

huggb711 posted at 6:25PM Wed, 14 December 2016 - #4287166

I want to create my own characters of scratch can anyone tell me how to do that?

you mean you want to model the 3d character from scratch? you could try something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QT1GNMevfc

  FractalModeler    ( ) ( posted at 2:36PM Tue, 13 July 2021  · @4423097

Hi. I do creation using a completely different tool set for a different type of 3D art - landscapes. However, I have noticed something about the 3D Male models featured here that I thought I'd point out. I'm also a photographer and what I notice about male models - especially athletes is a stronger, larger lower leg/ankle physiology than I see on many of the 3D male models showcased here. Also, men - especially athletic men tend to have a wider & more powerful foot. You CANNOT use the same skeletal template for males & females. And trying to - looks ridiculous. Even teenage boys just hitting puberty usually have much visibly stronger ankle/foot development than women of the same weight. Whoever is building these 3D models needs to pay close attention to that. Doing it incorrectly makes it look like the designer was lazy or inattentive. 2feets.jpg

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