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October 28, 2006 12:35 am

The Renderosity CG Industry News Team

Renderosity is very fortunate to have several talented writers and artists as members of the CG Industry News staff, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with the community. You will find a varied selection of product reviews, in-depth interviews, quality tutorials, and articles that are focused to meet the interests of the Renderosity digital arts community. We hope you enjoy the resources and information brought to you by these talented individuals.


Managing Editor

Ricky Grove

Managing Editor


Staff Columnists

Sergio Rosa
Sr. Staff Writer

Kurt Foster
Staff Columnist
Staff Columnist
M.D. McCallum
Staff Columnist

Contributing Columnists
Nick C. Sorbin
Contributing Columnist
Mark Bremmer
Contributing Columnist

Click this link for our current archive of news/reviews/articles. If there is a previous article you are interested in reading, or re-reading, and you cannot locate it using the Renderosity search feature, please drop Ricky Grove an e-mail, and he will be very happy to locate it for you.

All past articles written by our current News Staff can be found by clicking on the writer's thumbnail photo.

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