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July 26, 2011 12:30 am

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Rising Stars!

Meet the Rising Stars from the Renderosity MarketPlace!

Those seasoned Renderosity Vendors all know that it's not easy being the 'Newbie' in the MarketPlace. Do you remember asking yourself any of these questions?

- How can I promote my products and store?

- How do I become a Top Seller?

- How do I upload to the Gallery?

- How long does the review/testing process take?

- What in the world is a Render Reward?

The answer to these, and other, questions didn't come to us overnight but through countless hours of being active within the Renderosity Community.

Renderosity is proud to announce the quarterly Rising Stars article to help enlighten the Renderosity Community of those new MarketPlace Vendors!

Watch out for our next Rising Stars article in October 2011!

We hope you enjoy learning more about the vendors below and hope that you'll take time to welcome them into the Renderosity Community!

Visit these Rising Stars’ stores and save from 35-40% from now through Thursday, July 28th at 11:45pm (cdt).

Vendor: ColonelPanic

Country: Sweden

Software Preference: Modeling in Cheetah3D and FilterForge for textures.

Inspiration: Things around, especially things from the rural parts of Sweden.

Years of Experience: My first connection with 3D was with Strata Vision for Mac in 1989. Got really in to 3D when I got Cheetah3D about three years ago. I started to make 3D objects to render 2D maps for role playing games.

Products in ColonelPanic's store can be found at 40% off! See product thumbs below.

Vintage Street and the London Blitz by ColonelPanic
Vintage Street and the London Blitz
BWC Road Bundle by ColonelPanic
BWC Road Bundle
BWC Improvised Post Apocalyptic Weapons by ColonelPanic
BWC Improvised Post Apocalyptic Weapons

Vendor: speedjunkie

Country: Germany

Software Preference: Poser, Vue xStream, 3dMax, Inventor, Corel Graphics Suite

Inspiration: 50's Lifestyle, Pin-up's, Comics, Movies and Vintage Stuff.

How did you find Renderosity: 2002 I started to experiment with Vue and Poser and searched the web for free 3d models. So I've found Renderosity.

Years of Experience: 9 years

Products in speedjunkie's store can be found at 40% off! See product thumbs below.

This member has no items for sale.

Vendor: meipe

Country: Italy

Software Preference: Poser & Blender

Inspiration: For my work I began to use Poser as a simulator for real-life sculpting, and ended in sculpting 3d meshes... I love all about art and nature: human and animals, trees and landscapes, architecture and sculpture. Best when the visible is the metaphor of the non-visible, the limited creations on the threshold of the infinite!

How did you find Renderosity: Wandering in the web... Renderosity's great community was always in the crossroads of my Poser searches.

Years of Experience: 12 years as an artist in the physical world: architecture, sculpture and mosaics.

Products in meipe's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

Mnemosyne - Alien character for V4 by meipe
Mnemosyne - Alien character for V4
V4 Curves WonderBreast Morphs by meipe
V4 Curves WonderBreast Morphs

Vendor: 3DFineries

Country: USA

Software Preference: I use a combination of software because each has it's own pros & cons. Basically, it's whatever gets the job done. It always seems to start with a doodle of the basic idea. If I'm working on a model, I fire up Carrara Pro 7 to get the basics done & then I make any special decorations, tweak, & map in Hexagon before switching back to C7Pro. For texture work, I use Paint Shop Pro X, but I hope to upgrade to Photoshop in the future. For rendering I prefer D|S3A.

Inspiration: Most of my creations are inspired by my life-long love of Ancient Egypt. Even as a kid, I was fascinated by the massive monuments, the ornate gold treasures of King Tut, and the powerful women Pharaohs like Cleopatra & Hatshepsut. I got excited every time I saw a new discovery on TV. Nothing much has changed; I still get giddy about it. My problem is I'm such a stickler about historical accuracy that it takes me a while before I'm satisfied enough with my work to call it finished. Don't think I've a one track mind though because I love creating all sorts of models & I find inspiration in many other places. I was sitting by the pond smelling my frangipani blooms and decided to start modeling the flower. I grabbed my computer, went back outside, & started modeling. It was the first organic model I ever made.

How did you find Renderosity: I was searching the internet for 3D models when I stumbled upon Renderosity & I’ve been here ever since.

Years of Experience: I've been learning my way around 3D space since 2006.

Products in 3DFineries' store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

KMT Obelisk by 3DFineries
KMT Obelisk
SM3D Ubasti by 3DFineries
SM3D Ubasti

Vendor: Justmel

Country: USA

Software Preference: Poser and Vue

Inspiration: The woods, RPG, the countryside, and on occasion, movies and books.

How did you find Renderosity: Years ago, through someone else.

Years of Experience: 7 years.

Anything else you'd like to add: I love working with 3D. I hope to continue to improve and grow in the coming years.

Products in Justmel's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

Mel's Fantasy Castle Lights by ArtByMel
Mel's Fantasy Castle Lights

Vendor: farconville

Country: Canada

Software Preference: DAZ Studio

Inspiration: Various poses inspire me, including those found in paintings and artwork.

How did you find Renderosity: I was just browsing in the internet and found the site. I thought it would be cool to try and sell a couple of poses.

Years of Experience: I am just beginning with 3d art.

Additional comment: – I am hoping to sell more poses through Renderosity.

Products in farconville's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumb below.

Farconville's Face Morphs 7 for Victoria 4.2 by farconville
Farconville's Face Morphs 7 for Victoria 4.2
Farconville's Face Morphs for Michael 4 Vol.6 by farconville
Farconville's Face Morphs for Michael 4 Vol.6
Anger for Michael 8 and Genesis 8 Male by farconville
Anger for Michael 8 and Genesis 8 Male



Vendor: Nationale7

Country: France

Software Preference: Blender, Amapi, 3D Browser with Polygon Cruncher, PhotoShop, Photo Draw, UVMapper, Vue, Poser (6, 7 and 8)

Inspiration: Famous cars, trucks, planes, trains,bikes…from the twenties to the seventies.

How did you find Renderosity: Web propositions from friends to join this community to show our work in galleries (3DClasics and Emy10 galleries on RR).

Years of Experience: 25 years using graphic computers with students as art teacher for A. 30 years of work in different computer and software companies for E.

Additional comment: Thank you for all the friends found on RR for their comments about our work as 3DClassics and Emy10!

Products in Nationale7's store can be found at 35% off! See product thumbs below.

RADIO BUNDLE by 3DClassics
KUBELWAGEN by 3DClassics
HIAWATHA TRAIN for Poser by 3DClassics
WURLITZER 1015 JUKE BOX  for Poser by 3DClassics


Here are some other HOT products in the MarketPlace

STZ Small room

RP Enchanted for G3 and G8 Females

Salome II for Genesis 8 Female

Tech Office

*Please know that this list does not include products that are no longer available for sale within the Renderosity MarketPlace.

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1971s ( posted at 10:22AM Tue, 26 July 2011

Excellent products! Thank you!

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Amazing vendors.Thank you!

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