Renderosity Magazine Issues 1 through 4

August 25, 2006 12:00 am

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Front Cover by Rio
Back Cover by Craves
CD-Rom Silkscreen by -mars.

Featured Articles

Perseus and Andromeda Creativity Unleashed by cneofotistos (Christos Neofotistos) Bringing life to an Oasis by Freeze (Karin and Richard Winter) Brave New Patterns by abmlober (Andreas Lober) Every Picture Tells a Story - HobbyHopper by Cris_Palomino Maximize Your Lighting With Vray Renderer! by id_ivan (Rivanoor) Disrupted Fractals in Bryce by jba (Jonathan Allen) Frog Prince by lollypop (Helmut Schaub) The Pecking Order by jekart_2000 (John E. Kaufmann) Sophisticated Primitives - Building Models Fast! by Kixum (Scott Franz) Creating a Digital Artist by miketche (Michael Wilson) Lake of Legends by moodflow (Jeff Quick) Making the Music Box - page (Larry Page) by deemarie Whats wrong with this Picture? by shred300 (Ozan Tuzun) The Making of Fluid Dreams by 4thorder (Michael A. Falatine) ZSpheres of Influence - Making Models in Zbrush 1.5 by southerngfx (Glen Southern) Reinventing the Past by Aeneas (Erik Heyninck) When is a Chicken Bone really a Dragon? by archetype (Eric Wadley) Recreating Nature With WorldBuilder by BorisB (Georg Bachmann) The Making of Intel Outside by Bleze (Marko Jakobi) Advanced Conforming Joints for Poser Pro Pack by caleb68 (Arthur Newkirk) Sound Design For Animation Part II: Dialog by silver (Donnie Christianson) In Vegas by stealthman (Matthew Hansel) Grouping a Figure in Rhino 3D for use in Poser by the3dwizard (Phillip Easton) 3D Scanning Do It Yourself, Really (Part II) by thee_immortal_one Running A Contest - Without Running Into Trouble by Prizm Break (Jerry Composano) Painting from Poetry - artist Jonathon Earl Bowser by vshane (Vicki Shane) How I Created Lance's Battle by ToxicAngel (Janne Pitken) Cabin Fever: An Architectural Rendering by carterhog (R. Scott Carter) Cool Features @ Make Your Mark quotes from: gavinjohnson, Pacifier, Luthor, ziggie , Hairybiker, GonWaki, digitalheresy, RageMage, er_bear14, ICMgraphics, Valandar, Maxxstevens, TheDaedalus, jango_fett, tjames, tammymc, AristaProductionLab, Digital Bass

Bonus CD Content:

Art Gallery Images We've included an awesome selection of member images on this issue's cdrom. Check it out to see some wonderful art by: 4thorder, aapasuo, aartika, AGOR, Alekssander, archetype, Arctur, beachadonis, Bubba, calzgal, Cinema1954, Crasher, crommcruac, Curio, dragongirl, dreampaint, dzogchen, ElectricAardvark, eon, Erik0815Erik, FantasioX, gevidal, giovanino, grissle, HMG_Designs, iceblademush, ICMgraphics, jlmattson, juprez, kaciasea, kaiservr, lemonjim, litst, ljsargent, lollypop, Lynne, -mars-, McF, MichaelEaton, MikeArizma, miketche, MindVision-GDS, MRX3010, Paniolga, Pharie82, PhilEmery, pidjy, pixilator, pmermino, polartech, PunkClown, rabid_bunny, ritter, RogueElement, roobol, scifirex, sixus1, specs2, sturkwurk, Synapse, thehankster, ToxicAngel, tuttle, and YL. This Issues Cover Contest Entries: Yup, it's true -- We've included issue 4's Cover Contest on the cdrom too! We've got: Rio, Craves, -mars-, archetype, MindVision-GDS, PunkClown, Greenspace, FantasioX, Curio, sixusl, pidjy, Crasher, Flaxynn, Alph, mutedbanshee, SndCastie, Qwister, ywaters, NightVoice, juprez, Cada, redinard, Hisminky, tate, vdelor, figharo, miketche, Paniola, catlin, Ondine, liewald, koncz, ElectricAardvark, gevidal, Bubba, lekssander, jrlsinger, calzgal, grissle, chambo1957, mytim, sturkwurk, MatrixG, Chia, joedee5150, Bernado, lorddrackmus, tuttle, MikeArizma, darktrance, Eternal, Darkness, Malefic, weezy136, djdj1978, YL, Wanda, Burns, jlmattson, Erick081Erik, KiDAcE, Maxx2, lollypop, GrendelPrime, MRX3010, iceblademush, beachadonis, ICMgraphics, CAMBOU, atlpup, shemosus, polyphilo, sarienya, misitegothica, Rendered2Blue, awycoff, HMG, Designs, wallis, frol66, Synapse, designerin, JorgeValdes, RayMcLester, kaciasea, Lynne, Violet71au, aartika, pixilator, 3DAllusion, hitch2, megaionstorm, MRIguy, Pharie82, dragongirl, magnet, janvanakker, Pauli, Carolyn, asunta, Gawain, lemonjim, Kismet, Queen, and 4thorder. Free Stuff from: Bit Brush Graphics - High Rez 3D Textures, Crescent - MartiniGlass (Poser), SciFi Helmet for Vicki and Mike (Poser), Potion Bottle (Poser), Potion Bottle 2 (Poser), WineGlass (Poser), WineGlass2 (Poser), WineGlass3 (Poser), WineGlass4 (Poser), dodger - Asian Pole Arms (5Poser Props), Bardiches (5 Poser Props), Fireball Spell Effect (Poser), Scythe Sword (Poser), Wooden Torch (Poser) BlackRay Rifle (Poser), Bonfire! (Poser), Mark V Blaster (Poser), draculaz - Flying Boxes!(3DS Max), SpaceShip(3DS Max), SpaceShip Two(3DS Max), Sky Building (3DS Max), Sky Building Two (3DS Max), kurokuma - Racing PodRace (LightWave), Arachnid Warrior (LightWave), BattleDroid (LightWave), Klingon Bird of Prey (LightWave), BORG Alcove (LightWave), Osiris9 - Auckland Sky Tower (Bryce), Hover Car (Bryce), Star Gate (Bryce), Sukuna Vimana (Bryce), Sundara Vimana (Bryce), Vailixi Control Panel (Bryce), Papillonmillenium - Ready to use Interface (2D), Ready to use Interface 2 (2D), Ready to use Interface 3 (2D), Ready to use Interface 4 (2D), Ready to use Interface 5 (2D), Pefo - Pavillion (Carrara/RDS), Batisse Number 2 (Carrera/RDS), Pavillion Number 15, PhilC - Soap Bubbles! Poser), Cavalier's Hat (Poser), Gloves for Mike (Poser), P5 Halter Top Dress and Tut ( Poser5), P5 Harem Costume and Tut (Poser5), Romantic Cape (Poser), Spike - French Doors (Bryce), Small Round Table (Poser), SylvieB9 - Brick Textures (Bryce), Double Door Model (Bryce), Garden Furniture (Bryce), Small Bridge Model (Bryce), WickerBox Model (Bryce), Wood Plank Textures (Bryce), Wood Tile Textures (Bryce), x2000 - Renderosibee (Poser), zippy- Thatch Roof Texture (Poser), Old Town Kit Model (Poser), Old Town Kit 2 Model (Poser), Old Town Kit 2 Accessory Models (Poser), WWI Trench Kit PartOne (Poser), WWI Trench Kit PartTwo (Poser), POW Escape Kit ModelSet (Poser) Demos/Software from: e-on Software - Vue d'Esprit, Cygnus Software - Fractal eXtreme, Elefont, Spiralizer, IMI 3D - 3D Art Composer MarketPlace: Included in the cdrom you will also find highlights of some of our merchants and our exclusive Digital Fine Art Prints

Issue 4 brings us to the amazingly successful close of one complete cycle of Renderosity magazine. In our first year, we went from a pipe dream a few crazy folks had to finding ourselves at bookstores across the United States, in addition to becoming an international entity with a subscriber base from around the world. Our success has been, well, slightly frighteninglike a drug whose effects combine euphoria and paranoia delivered with an adrenaline chaser. While we are delighted with our growth, it hasnt come cheap. The magazine staff invest not only long hours but pour their hearts into this at costs sometimes more than they bargain for. It is so very easy to work beyond exhaustion when you are caught up fighting the good fight and doing what you lovehelping artists from all over the world get exposure and expertise in one fell swoopnot to mention the creation of a publication as beautiful as this one. To that end, Id like to express a bittersweet farewell to those staffers who are no longer part of the team. To you, who became part of this family, and on whose shoulders rest many of the reasons for our success against calamity and the odds, goes a thank you beyond anything words can convey and wishes for success and happiness wherever life takes you. In particular goes special recognition to deemarie, who got us out of the toilet on more than one occasion in addition to being a constant source of encouragement and a good friend. This issue will see her last completed, though her efforts extend deep into the next as well. An exceptional Managing Editor, she leaves us ginormous shoes to fill and she will be missed. In keeping with this reflective mood I find myself in, Ive been sitting here reviewing the content weve provided over these four issues. I think its safe to say that weve fulfilled our initial promisesRenderosity magazine has certainly been a wonderful celebration of not only the art and talent of the members of Renderosity, but a fantastic tool for anyone wishing to learn something about computer graphics, regardless of their level of expertise. As we warned in our very first issue, we have indeed jammed content into every nook and cranny of these pages, perhaps at the expense of white space, but always with the intention of giving readers more. Looking forward, we intend to keep doing it. Keep Celebrating. Keep Learning. Keep the fire going. It really is about the art. -audre Drop us an e-mail at or stop by for a visit at the Magazine Interact! forum.
Special Thanks to:
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Customer Feedback: "I just received my purchased copy of issue 4. The first words out of my wifes mouth mirrored my thoughts exactly. "WOW! what a professional looking magazine!" I then started reading the content and was equally impressed. It is immediately apparent that you and your staff put an extensive amount of time and effort into bringing this to the public. I just want to say thank you for all of the hard work becuase I (like many) appreciate it. Communities like renderosity provide inspiration. Magazines like Renderosity provide the necessary tools for learning. What a wealth of information! We are blessed to have motivated people such as yourself leading the way. Again thanks for everything, -Mike Falatine (4thorder) "I received my first issue of Renderosity a couple of days ago. I was really amazed, all the articles had something of interest to me. I have been doing digital art for sometime now and it is surprising how much more I have to learn. Your first issue was full of useful info I did not know. But I really don't like the idea of waiting 3 months for the next issue. Thanks; Paul Oksnee" - poksnee "Received Issue 1 today. It looks very good, nice heavy stock so it will last a long time. Just skimming through the magazine shows many informative articles. Great job! " - chornii "I can say I have never subscribed to a magazine that gives me more information, Demos, Freebees and tips & tricks. It promotes more than just products, it promotes a community of talented people from every level of artistic ability and skill level. Definetly worth more than the cover price." - Dragon99 "Issue 1 beat the sh1t out of the big name mags(good as they are??),Issue 2 is just BRILL!!!!!!!keep up the great work. Cheers to all who made possible" - BRY-N
silver thumbsup.gif Very high quality printing, design is very good, and the variety of content and articles gives everyone something to sink their teeth into. Great job gang!
BRY-N thumbsup.gif It just keeps getting betternbetter!!! Issue 3 is mindblowing
LadyJaiven thumbsup.gif Oh wow, I just ordered my subscription on the 22nd of September, and got my 1st issue on the 25th! None of that 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of 1st issue here ;) When I opened it, I was impressed at the quality of the articles and the tutorial by Picky on cloth painting is amazing.. There is so much information, not to mention pointers, included in this magazine. The bonus CD was awesome. I love this magazine! :) I look forward to my other issues ;) -- Jai :)
leeds thumbsup.gif HI Folks. Just have to tell you I am so impressed with Renderosity Magazine, issue 3. It is just exceptionally well written. I will enjoy using and rereading it. If you feel you can devote one tutorial every so often to beginners in Poser 5, I would be most grateful. Many of the tutorials seem placed toward the more skilled users, but we all have to start somewhere. Thanks for this great Magazine. Cheers Leeds

Message817326.jpg Front Cover by chucksiebuhr Back Cover by davidho CD Cover by mindsiphon Message861674.jpg
Featured Articles
A Life Less Ordinary the extraordinary art of lemog (interview by Cris_Palomino) Coming Clean on the Quick and Dirty with Strata 3Dpro by Matthieu (Matthieu Roussel) Weaving Hair out of CandyEye Candy 4000 by linwhite (Linda White) Wonderfully Controversial Art by jrulier (Jean-Marc Rulier) Poserising a Dress Mesh by canary3d (Mary Dell) Once Upon The Time by deuxabu (Marcelo Maziero) Baba Jaga Maya-Style by doker13 (Pavel Osharin) Water & Underwater Effect in Paint Shop Pro by dreamsosweet (Michele Wolfe) Through the Digital Curtain: Poser 5 Unveiled by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) A Scoopa kupa (Curious Labs President, Steve Cooper) by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) and Blooddoll (Windy Strutz) Lost in Space: The P5 Models by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) Atlas YawnedCopyright Issues for Digital Artists by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) and Kiera (Kiera Wooley) BobbieMoth at the Mushroom Pond by lazarus890 Painting Style Into Your Garments by picky (Drazenka Kimpel) Bryce Work in the Machine Room by pidjy (Pierre-Jean) If You Sell It They Will Come Part 2 by nerd (Charles Taylor) Its A Bugs Life by noggin (Nigel Pickering) Weve Caught a Paper TigerInterview with Paul Barnett UV Mapping & You by Lyrra (Lyrra Madril) In The Forums Trucking with Rhino by mickymouse (Dean Sullinger) Sound Design For Animation by silver (Donnie Christianson) Sketch Better Poser Clothes Using Rhino 3D by the3dwizard (Phillip Easton) 3D Scanning - Do It Yourself, Really by thee_immortal_one Make Your Mark View From The Heights (Digital Element) Interview with Don McClure, President of Digital Element
Featured Artwork: Alice in Wonderland by echox (Heather Echo Chernik) Grove Guardian , Winters Dark, Cold Journey by steve32680 (Steve A. Roberts) Girl on a Cliff by ralphmanis (Ralph Manis)
Bonus CD Content Free Stuff: AristaProductionLabs- Multimedia Sound Files, bluevenus - Ocean (Vue), Atmospheres Sampler (Vue), 20 Sky Color Maps (Vue), 6 skeleton Poses (Poser), 6 magical Poses (Poser), caleb68 - Hi Res Old Lady Head Texture for Victoria, Old Man Hi Res Face Texture, Old Man Hi Res Shaved Face Texture, Scene Builder 1.0 (Poser), Stone Walkways (Poser), Simple Skull Table (Poser), Curio - Eye Texture for Curios Ragbash (Poser), Tattoo Texture for Curios Ragbash (Poser), Curios Matchbox (Bryce), derjimi - Tower Construction Kit with 60 parts! dreamsosweet - Paint Shop Pro TubesHearts of Gold, Day glo Hearts, Lots of Hearts, Dolphin, DAZ3d- Frog, Merman, Merman Texture Map, DragonRider1, Super Heroine, gebe - 14 Atmospheres for Vue 4, Wine Bottle (Vue), Magnifying glass (Vue), Curtains (Vue), Hellmark - Tracy Lynn Textures for Daz Victoria, mickymouse - Stag Beetle, noggin - Stag Beetle (Poser), PhilC - Troglodyte Female (Poser), Spike - French Doors (Bryce), Small Round Table (Poser), - x2000 - Renderosibee (Poser) Demos/Software: Digital Element - Aurora / World Builder, FXRealm Studios - Creature Creator, Eovia - Carrara Tours, Greenworks - X-Frog Organic Modelling, Moray - for POV-Ray Tutorials: Using Poser Figures in Byrce, Basic Picture Texturing (Bryce), by Curio, HTML 101 or How to Make a Web Page, by Hellmark, 2002 Tabby Car and Truck Tutorials, by mickymouse

Graphic207.jpgAs unbelievable as this is, we made it through yet another issue. Again, I am amazed and awed by the dedication and hard work of the magazine staff, without whose frenzied efforts none of this would be possible. A very big Congratulations and Thank You goes out to each and every one of you! A little while back marked another momentous signed on its 100,000th member. I hope this means we are doing something right and that we continue to be the preferred watering hole for more and more artists. The statistics indicate that we have been remarkably successful in our mission to create a thriving, productive environment that encourages an atmosphere of community, respect, collaboration, and growth for graphic artists of all backgrounds. Within the CG community we are sometimes referred to as the 900-pound Gorilla of CG Communitiesthe numbers certainly dont lieBut I would like to think that we are more the Mama Gorilla, protecting and nurturing her children, helping them learn and grow and promoting them in their efforts to become better CG artists. We were a huge hit at Siggraph 2002 this year, and sold out of the magazines we brought with us on our first day! What an overwhelming experience that was. The opium of success floods us all with high anticipation for next years Siggraph. Finally, as I type this, we are looking forward to Dragon*Con as well, which will be out first, Annual Renderosity Convention. We have a huge Programming Track, drool-inducing software and prizes to raffle off, and if even half of it goes as planned, well, expect to have your doors blown off. :-) There is definitely magic in the air! -audre Drop us an e-mail at or stop by for a visit at the Magazine Interact! forum.
We are now available at select Barnes & Noble Bookstores throughout the USA!! Starting with Issue 2!
You can find our humble publication at the following B&N Bookstores: Phoenix AZ, Bakersfield CA, Burbank CA, Fairfield CA, Irvine CA, Manhattan Beach CA, Marina Del Rey CA, Mira Mesa CA, Palmdale CA (2 bookstores), San Diego CA, San Jose CA (2 bookstores), San Mateo CA, Santa Monica CA, Thousand Oaks CA, Victorville CA, Boulder CO, Golden CO, Westminster CO, Enfield CT, Westport CT, Washington DC, Boca Raton FL, Gainesville FL, Orlando FL (3 bookstores), Plantation FL, St. Augustine FL, West Palm Beach FL, Macon GA, Savannah GA, Chicago IL (2 bookstores), Deer park IL, Deerfield IL, Bloomington IN, Indianapolis IN, Boston MA, Burlington MA, Framingham MA, Holyoke MA, Ellicott City MD, Rockville MD, Shelby MI, Troy MI, Roseville MN, Columbia MO, Independence MO, Kansas City MO, Gulfport MS, Asheville NC, Highpoint NC, Wilmington NC, Nashua NH, Newington NH, CLifton NJ, Deptford NJ, Hoboken NJ, Holmdel NJ, Moorestown NJ, Paramus NJ, Springfield NJ, Las Vegas NV, Reno NV, Brooklyn NY, Elmira NY, New York NY (5 bookstores), Rochester NY, Yonkers NY, Cincinnati OH (2 bookstores), Columbus OH, Mansfield OH, Strongsville OH, Toledo OH, Camp Hill PA, Charleston SC, Knoxville TN, La Vergne TN, Memphis TN, Arlington TX, Corpus Christi TX, Dallas TX, El Paso TX, Frisco TX, Houston TX (2 bookstores), Irving TX, N Richland Hills TX, Round Rock TX, San Antonio TX, The Woodlands TX, Salt Lake City UT, Christianburg VA, Glen Allen VA, Lynchburg VA, Reston VA, Springfield VA, Burlington VT, South Burlington VT, Bellevue WA (2 bookstores), Lynwood WA, Seattle WA (2 bookstores), Spokane WA, Woodinville WA, Grand Chute WI, Madison WI, Racine WI, Wauwatosa WI If you don't see your city listed here, by all means go to your local Barnes & Noble and give them a piece of your mind *grin*...
Renderosity Magazine was a tremendous success at Siggraph this year! The first day of the Exhibitor's Fair, WE SOLD OUT OF MAGAZINES! That's right, not only were people interested in it, but we couldn't sell them fast enough. By 3:00 our first afternoon, we had emergency calls into the home office begging them to express-ship us some more of both issue 1 and issue 2! "Breathing heavy, with no sleep, my Mag showed up with a big smile on my mailman's face. He was getting tired of seeing my face out there on the porch waiting for him... Two hours after and still on the second article, but I had to stop because that CD was sending taunting messages to play with it. GORGEOUS and Tremendous Fabulous work from the Wizards of 'Osity. The printing is absolutely stunning. This definitely was worth the wait....... THANK YOU!" wrote Dee (AKA LadyDawg) ringbearer had this to say about Issue 2: "...thanks to your magazine staff. You have all done an excellent job. I know that I feel I have definitely gotten my money's worth from this magazine. I've paid more for other magazines and gotten a lot less. I will definitely renew my subscription. Thanks for all your hard work."
Front Cover by Anatoliy Back Cover by nitro115 CD cover by kaiservr
Featured Articles
The Bug Hunt - by Franky (Frank Berger) A Waterfall in Vue D'Esprit 4.06 - by gebe (Guitta Bertaud) Painting in PhotoshopTwitch - by SocarMyles Missile with Contrail - by Fillingim (Timothy Fillingim) Creating A Poser Dress in Amapi 6 - by canary3d (Mary Dell) Amorphium & the Underground Shamans - by dragongirl (L. D. Skeetz) View from the Heights - Dr. F. Kenton "Doc Mojo" Musgrave, president of Pandromeda, Inc. Sexy Tables - by audre I am the Walrus - by calzgal (Kathy LaFollett) Creating the Lady in the Grey Tower - by kenbxpst850 (Ken Brown) Gardening with GroBoto & Cinema 4D - by Quoll (Christopher Orth) "Fracolle" - by LindaB (Linda Bucklin) Texture Basics for 3D Models - by Lyrra (Lyrra Madril) If you sell it, They will come - by nerd (Charles Taylor) Embracing POD - Sean Wallace Various Objects in Strata 3D pro - by spalmer (Steve Palmer) Atlas YawnedCopyright Issues for Digital Artists - by Entropic (Paul Jenkins) Catch a Paper TigerIntroducing Paul Barnett Master of Ingenuity - "Stranded" - by beton (Thomas Weiss) Getting On-Line - by staff Overheard in the Magazine Interact! Chat Room (sneak peek)
Featured Artwork: Berserker by astolf (Anty Sforan) Assasin by beton (Thomas Weiss) The Portal by mrpes (Paul Stinson) Portfolio Showcase Cdeery (Colleen Deery)- [Tantalizing, Cosmic Dance, Praying In Sunglasses, First Fruits, Serenity] The Birthday by MallenLane (Michael Lane) Love at First Sight by kruzr (Mark Corbiser) Graphics Addiction by brschmidt (Byron Schmidt) The Look, Envy and Friends by elharry (Lars Sundstr)
Bonus CD Poser Content: Pierian Piaffe Pose Sampler, Undine Lite, The Grand Canyon, Civil War Artillery, Chinese Vases, PoserTrax Sampler, Garden House, The Classics 1 3D Models: SAMS3D - Several Models Textures: LP Texture Mill 2002 Sampler Pack, Cloth Textures Sampler, MicroTiles 2 Software Demos: Curious Labs - Poser Pro Pack Demo Avatar Lab Demo Darrel Anderson - GroBoto Demo Digital Element - Aurora/World Builder Demos dougf - Fairy Assistant e-on Software - Vue 4 Evaluation FXRealm Studios - Creature Creator Demo Pandromeda - MojoWorld Demo Pixels Digital - Pixels 3D 4 Demo Pixologic - Z-Brush Demo, Z-Scripts Tutorials: Animating A Lattice Deformer,
Pixels DigitalPixels 3D Basics 1, by Digital ElementWorld Builder Scattering Vegation, Digital ElementWorld Builder Weblink to Aurora Tutorials for Digital ElementAurora MojoWorld Transporter, PandromedaMojoWorld Goldie the Robot, Curious LabsPoser/ProPack, for Avatar Lab Mysticum Devonia, LutzBTarragen
Graphic207.jpg We're back! - In this second issue, we continue pursuing our commitment to bringing you the magazine that we hope will set a new standard in graphic-arts publications. Renderosity magazine is firmly grounded in user input whether art, articles, or requests for tutorials.

You ask for it, you get it!

Keep an eye out for several advances with the next few issues, among these will be better and faster shipping, as well as a fabulous subscription discount off of cover price for Renderosity members.

We would love to hear from you, because first and foremost, this publication is by artists, for artists.

Drop us an e-mail at or stop by for a visit at the Magazine Interact! forum.

Won't you join us?


Front Cover by kromekat
Back Cover by humorix
CD Silkscreen by Kidicarux

Featured Articles

The Making of Freaky Frank by BillF Interview with a Vampire, Dave McCoy - Microsoft XBox Tutorials Lens flare in Bryce by KenS "Home" with Vue d'Esprit by Cheers Wood Shader for Carrara by ClintH Full Body Morphs for Poser - Using Lightwave3D & UVMapper 0.25e by MallenLane Basic Lightwave3D Morphing Tip by MallenLane Digital Minutiae - What You Don't Know Will... by audre Packaging for Free Download by Helen Creating Hair In Post-Production by eon Simulating Daylight with Cinema 4D XL 7 by Carles_P Incredible Fantasy Based on Reality - Dragonessa by Syyd Creature Creator 3D Model Banks by David Knight Understanding & Controlling Blends in Rhino 2.0 by Spike A Fairy Tale by marulaz Dreamer Of Dreams by kromekat "Culture Shock" with Z-Brush by cneofotistos Lipstick and Lace by kzara Basic 3D Modeling Concepts by loganarts Moving Between Applications Seamlessly by Laurie S Poser Poses - A Beginner's Guide by Schlabber Art, Interviews & Editorials Digital Renaissance by ddm Enigma - Art by dalinise View From The Heights - Interview with e-on President, Nicholas Phelps Fresh Perspective - Interview with photographex Render Wars - What is it? by thee_immortal_one The Big Picture by ChromeTigerBonus CD Features a variety of 3D Products provided by our Renderosity Marketplace Merchants. This fifty-two product CD includes 3D Models, Bryce, Carrara, Poser, Rhino, Textures, and Software." Hope you Enjoy!
Graphic207.jpgEditor's Note: Our mission is to bring you content to help you improve your computer graphics skills. We want you to keep referring to our pages because we've provided a valuable tool that is beneficial to you long after the first-read. Calling us a magazine is definitely a misnomer because we aren't here to impress you with our fancy layoutwe are here to impress you with the amazing work of Renderosity Members. We aren't going to jam ads in every blank space, but we will try to pack it with information from tutorials and articles relating to computer graphics. We will focus on the technical as well as aesthetic techniques that go into making a great piece of digital art. audre, Editor In Chief

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