Renderosity has over 50,000 members!

tammymc · May 7, 2001 9:42 am

It is amazing and sometimes overwhelming working with 50,000 members, but it is never boring. : ) (Renderosity Team) Renderosity has grown to be bigger than any of us could have imagined. Thanks to the members for bringing to life a screen on a computer. To many this is a place of friendship, building, creating, advancing skills and knowledge, family, emotions, entertainment, stimulation, and imagination. We thought we would celebrate this moment, by asking the members - what this community means to you? As we sit in front of our computer screens and provide life to Renderosity by interacting with each other from all over the world, we lift our glasses high and give a toast. Tap your glass to the screen (not too hard - do not want any broken glasses or monitors)..... and make a toast. A toast to this community.....

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Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

I'll drink to that. ;] It's been a fascinating experience for me to be a part of it from the very first time I logged in. I've met some of the best people through this site.

ClintH ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

Thanks to the member base for making this one of the largest and best 3D art sites on the web.

tammymc ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

"clink" "clunk" "ding" This is to all of us, who spend our time and share ourselves on Renderosity. To many more years, more friends, and more Art.

Spike ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

Each and evry member here should be proud of what we all have done. I raise my glass to you all.

kromekat ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

Cheers!! Only been here as an artist since January, but dont know what I'd do without this community now!, much inspiration, much respect! :)

bonbon ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

a great big hug for all here! =]

ScottA ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

I prefer english muffins to toast ;-) Thanks to everyone for putting up with me over the years. I love this place. :-)

Syyd ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 01 May 2001

Cheers to all here, members, administration, what a pool of talent, dedication and hard work.

CAD-MAN ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

Ein dreifaches HOCH aus Germany! ;-) And many Greetings! :) :)

Curio ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

It really is a super-duper place to be!

tim ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

I just want everyone here to know I am extremely proud of what this site has become. It could not have happened without the support of the community members. This community includes some of most creative and interesting people I know. I would also like to thank the staff members who work behind the scenes to keep Renderosity running smooth everyday. Here's to all of you for believing so hard in a place called Renderosity that you willed it into existance. Tim "By serving each other, we are free"

henriqueaguiar ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

Renderosity means alot to me. It changed my life... Thank u for creating it.

rcook ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

I would like to offer my thanks to all the members for hanging in there with us during our growing pains and working with us through new changes we bring to the site. Whether good or bad, we always appreciate your input. Remember, this is your site. Most of the great features here were suggestions from members. We can't always get to everyone's suggestions immediately, but we have long memories and a big list. :) Many thanks for helping us to make this site one of the biggest and best web sites dedicated to compter graphics. Cheers, Russell

AGOR ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

The best site in WWW.Thanks folx!!!

Olivier ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

This is just the begining: I am sure that in one year we will be over 100 000!!! So, what does Renderosity means to me? Humm... talentual people, generous people, richer people if I consider how much I spent on the store(LOL)! What I mostly think is that Renderosity is THE RIGHT PLACE FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES CG! Congratulation to all the team! Keep on! "tchin-tchin!"

vette ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

May the next 50,000 be as interesting and talented as the first. Bottoms up everyone :) yvette

Marshmallowpie ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

Renderosity has given me the motivation and confidence I need to actually get somewhere with what I do, and want to do (photography). Thanks to everyone!

MplsOiBoi ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

To all the artists and enthusiasts who've made this possible, I raise a whole bunch of glasses to you all. >hic< -Russell-

--Divide-By-Zero-- ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 02 May 2001

Well, 50,000 members is just great...dont get me worng, I love renderosity and it has helped me grow as an artist, but I have to speak out about this... How about we stop humoring ourselves with this meaningless statistical data and actually count how many members we really have... I mean of course, the members who actually come back a second time after their first log in. So instead of celebrating 50,000 and beyond, how about you cut those people who only log in once from that 50,000... and the people who haven't logged in for over a year...and so on. Then, I wonder if we even have 20,000 REAL members. --Divide-By-Zero--

trevor3000 ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 03 May 2001

over 50,000! really? :O <-look of amazement welcome to all the new members! this is a great place to be :)

Shademaster ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 03 May 2001

I never thought there could be something like renderosity. But when I came here, I saw a whole new world opening in front of me. Renderosity is the most important thing to me when it comes to computers and internet. Long live renderosity, and may it be forever!

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 04 May 2001

Man. I've got to check in here more often... I had no idea this article drew so many comments already. ;] It's neat that so many of the people commenting up above me here are people I now count among my friends, and that 6 or 8 months ago, I didn't know any of you. That says a lot about what this place is all about and what it does. Salud!

mqshocker ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 04 May 2001

Well I can say with confidence that this site its members and its staff have accomplished one of the most rewarding gifts in life and that is bringing artists& animators world wide together. Congradulations to All. Im so confident in each one of us that its great to say ,"Hey Hollywood, come see what your missing". Peace and love to all. It feels great to be home. Mqshocker.Bill.

RodolfoCiminelli ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 04 May 2001

It is really impressive that the page has 50.000 members, personalmene I am very grateful of being member of Renderosity, since it allows me to expose my work, but him but important it is that I can see works of other members of the page, and in this short time that I am I got big friends, really like they say but it arrives, I don't know if the 50.000 announce works but from he already sends them my congratulations.

JanP ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 05 May 2001

Actually, I have my doubts about the accuracy of that claim. I would bet that my old member name is still in the data base and I would bet that some people who chose to leave Renderosity during its rough transition never bothered to remove thier member name. So realistically its more likely that its just under 30,000 members. Which, if I recall correctly is where it was at just before the rough spot. JanP

Lynne ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 05 May 2001

Long live the internet and great place like Renderosity to go to...thanks.

Eshal ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 06 May 2001

A great achievement....I've watched this site grow since it first moved here and thank all the people past and present who contributed both behind the scenes in code work and such as well as all the members who have given their time to help others and make art come to life in the galleries cause with out them this site wouldn't have grown to be the unique place it is :) Cheers! Eshal

dukduk ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 06 May 2001

50,000?! wahoo!!! we've done it!!!'s been a great 3+ months for me since i joined the ranks here at 'Rosity...i've really grown to love this place...keep up the great work...keep spreading the word, and let's see if we can break 75,000!!! ~~~Duk~~~

JVogel ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 07 May 2001

Thank you Rcook and the rest of the osity staff for creating such a wonderful community for all of us. Congratulations on the 50,000 members.

adh3d ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 12 May 2001

i visit other 3d sites in the web, an i think this is the best. The forums, the market place, the free stuff, i think this is the mirror where other sides had to look theirselves.

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