Renderosity Gallery of the Week - Atmosphere/Mood

June 15, 2008 10:14 pm

Whether your focus is Photography, 2D, 3D, or submitting written works to the Writers Gallery, there's no better inspiration than seeing what other fellow artists are doing. A place to see what you may have been missing, or to meet new favorite artists - the Renderosity Gallery of the Week should be your weekly destination for a quick peek at what's happening elsewhere in the galleries.

Every other week, we will highlight works by "genre" in the Gallery of the Week. This week's genre is "Atmosphere/Mood"! By definition : "The dominant tone or mood of a work of art."

Backlight - Gegenlicht II
by miwi
in Bryce & Atmosphere/Mood

by funkymarmalade
Photography & Atmosphere/Mood

The day before the slaughter
by EhsanA
in Vue & Atmosphere/Mood
by veng3nce
in 2D & Atmosphere/Mood
 Light Of Hope
by visualact
in Maya & Atmosphere/Mood
Bye-Bye Red
by bogwoppet
in Mixed Medium & Atmosphere/Mood 
 Lands of Sorrow
by DonaKuka
in Poser & Atmosphere/Mood
by pushinfaders
in Photography & Atmosphere/Mood
Free me!
by gunsan
in 2D & Atmosphere/Mood
by meico
in Writers & Atmosphere/Mood
Daisies Daydream
by Titia
in Fractal & Atmosphere/Mood
Solar ritual
by Alex_NIKO
in Mojoworld & Atmosphere/Mood
Cottage On the Creek
by fractalinda
in Fractal & Atmosphere/Mood
~Wishing things were different~
by originalkitten
in Poser & Atmosphere/Mood
Once there were trees
by 1402dandoy
in Carrara/RDS & Atmosphere/Mood

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