Renderosity Gallery of the Week - Anime/Manga

June 22, 2008 3:35 pm

Whether your focus is Photography, 2D, 3D, or submitting written works to the Writers Gallery, there's no better inspiration than seeing what other fellow artists are doing. A place to see what you may have been missing, or to meet new favorite artists - the Renderosity Gallery of the Week should be your weekly destination for a quick peek at what's happening elsewhere in the galleries.

Often, between topic/software gallery selections, we will also highlight works by "genre" in the Gallery of the Week. This week's genre is "Anime/Manga"! By genre definition : "A style of animation developed in Japan characterized by stylized colorful art and futuristic settings."

The Bonds of chain 2
by seiru_sohten
in 2D & Anime/Manga

by Kabuki-chan
in 2D & Anime/Manga

by Momcat
in Poser & Anime/Manga
China doll
by tuxedomask
in Poser & Anime/Manga
 Ghost in the Shell
by marina_b
in Poser & Anime/Manga
Do Not Even.......
by jherrith
in Poser & Anime/Manga 
 White Hare 1
by masamonkey
in DAZ|Studio & Anime/Manga
Viva Summer 2008!
by Aya-chan
in Poser & Anime/Manga
Sugar Flavour
by Maykors
in 2D & Anime/Manga
by riko-takahashi
in 2D & Anime/Manga
Mad Sky
by FlyingFire
in 2D & Anime/Manga
In the deserted town
by muku2
in Poser & Anime/Manga
Chibi Miku
by ThomasMacCallum
in Carrara/RDS & Anime/Manga
by wen-jr
in Cinema 4D & Anime/Manga
i stand alone
by forsaken-nights
in 2D & Anime/Manga

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rvdandale ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 29 June 2008

good animates story to be given with it.