Renderosity All-Star Tournament

July 1, 2011 12:30 am

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Midsummer Classic All-Star Tournament

With Major League Baseball's All-Star game being played on Tuesday July 12th, The Renderosity MarketPlace thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight our own special All-Stars. The Renderosity Team has hand selected 16 of the best products for the first half of 2011 and is giving our community the chance to vote for the MVP (Most Valuable Product) of this tournament.

But for how much will each of these super popular products be on sale? That's for you to decide! We will be offering these products for sale anywhere from 35-75% OFF, and you get to vote on the sale price for each product! The 16 products will be matched up against one another, and you vote on which product you want to see advance to the next round. The further a product goes through the rounds, the higher the discount for that product!

When it's all said and done, only one product will emerge as the ultimate MVP - and it will go on sale for 75% OFF for 3 days! Make sure you are ready each day to cast your vote for the products you want to see advance!

Take a look at the tournament bracket, and click on the thumbnails to get a breakdown of each product:



Here's how it works:

First Round

First Round voting has been completed and you can find the eight (8) products listed below on sale at 35% off from now through Friday July 15th @ 11:45pm (cdt)

PD Anastacia

Panties for Beauty V4 A4 G4 Elite

My Love

Sabrina Blinker V4-Elite-S4

SV Blending Tutorial


Space Sphere

V4 Pretty Feet Fix

Second round

Second Round voting has been completed and you can find the four (4) products listed below on sale at 40% off from now through Friday July 15th @ 11:45pm (cdt)

Clara Dress for V4,A4 & G4

The Prize Fighter

Blossom Girl

Noir Outfit Complete V4/A4/Elite

Third Round

Third Round voting has been completed and you can find the two (2) products listed below on sale at 50% off from now through Friday July 15th @ 11:45pm (cdt)

Dungeon Construction Set Pro by 3-D-C

DMs Elven Rock

Final Round

The MVP has been determined and we'd like to thank all the members who took the time to vote and a special thank you to all the vendors who chose to participate.

Below is our runner-up, Syrah, in which you can find at 60% off from now through Friday July 15th at 11:45pm (cdt)


Our MVP is Movie Sets, City Block Seven from DreamlandModels and you can find this great product at 75% off from now through Friday July 15th at 11:45pm (cdt)

Movie Sets, City Block 07

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Article Comments

mikeerson ( posted at 1:52AM Fri, 01 July 2011

all my votes went right with the public except one... the prize fighter vs sabrina blinker... I know the prize fighter model is a fan favorite, but the blinker made me blink, so, when I picked that one, I knew I'd be of course of course - lol... favorite one here? It's got to be MOVIE SETS CITY BLOCK SEVEN.... I don't have any of the movie set models, but I've viewed many of them and have them in my WISH LIST.

yungturk39 ( posted at 5:22PM Fri, 01 July 2011

LOL! So far only one of my products is in the running...the Noir Outfit! I guess either nobody wants the sexy V4 stuff, or you've bought it already... Great promotion idea, by the way!

Kerya ( posted at 9:21AM Sat, 02 July 2011

Fun! Thank you so much!

quietrob ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 03 July 2011

I'm in second place on EVERYTHING! I must concentrate harder!!!

mikeerson ( posted at 3:13AM Sun, 03 July 2011

I came back to see when round 2 starts and wanted to suggest that this is the way you aught to vote for the halloween and christmas contest - If every entry had to be judge against another and then another, I think the community could see how the art is judge and it would add some more excitement to the contests which will be here before you know it.... still waiting for the 2 year annual changing of the Renderosity logo - it'd be nice to have the vote for that put through this contest brackets.

Seaview123 ( posted at 6:44PM Mon, 04 July 2011

A great collection of items. I'm hoping for a bunch of the movie sets and scene construction items make it to the final round, because everyone can use setting for their pinups, can't they? ^_^

mihoshi1de ( posted at 11:00AM Tue, 05 July 2011

Another round where all of my faves are behind... and I have normally such an average taste... o.0 lol

Xameva ( posted at 1:03PM Tue, 05 July 2011

Lol I wonder if the vendors want their product to advance or not. Great promotion idea, love it!

DreamlandModels ( posted at 1:34PM Tue, 05 July 2011

Hi Xamerva, Just thought of the outcome. Thanks a lot! :-) If I win, that means my City Block Set Seven will be selling for $6.24 each. Go other products! 8-}~ Tom

mikeerson ( posted at 12:49AM Wed, 06 July 2011

Tom/DreamlandModels - you will win... I FEEL IT - lol... I love your models, sorry you haven't made any money off me, but if I had money, I'd be in your store - you've got great creations... couious what your next block is? more thing Tom, I guessed all of them right so far, but I took a gamble on the blinker - she lost, but I knew the other modle was a favorite - and now it's your turn to TAKE OUT THE PRIZE FIGHTER - LOL... If ya do win Tom, I just might have to find something to pawn so I can get your model at $6.24

nirvy ( posted at 4:42AM Wed, 06 July 2011

Xameva, sure, why not? :)

DreamlandModels ( posted at 10:02AM Fri, 08 July 2011

Hi mikeerson, Glad you like my products. :-) I did not really expect to make it through the first round. I just feel bad for those who did not, as everyone here puts their heart and soul into making these products. regards, Tom

renecyberdoc ( posted at 1:09PM Fri, 08 July 2011

i also have some dreamland models,like the drive in and the fishermans warehouse and some more,i would like to see this artist win if not i buy it anyway hehehehe. and yes all the products have been well chosen fine creators out there.

mikeerson ( posted at 5:30PM Fri, 08 July 2011

Hi Tom/Dreamlandmodels, these are the winners that I thought would be here in the final 4. DM has been my favorite prop builders since I've been here... but it feels like thinks are a change'n cause I really like that "block" idea you came up with, and like my good friend Rene/renecyberdoc just wrote you made a drive in, I forgot about that. That is an awesome model! I'd wish ya luck Tom, but I think it's clear, you've got the best model in this contest without a doubt.... oh, what the hell... good luck Tom

3-d-c ( posted at 11:41PM Fri, 08 July 2011

Hey Tom, seems that you are going to make it! :) Good Luck :)

mytilus ( posted at 11:07AM Sat, 09 July 2011

Thanks to everybody for all your votes.

ARADTech ( posted at 2:32PM Sat, 09 July 2011

Movie Sets is some really impressive work , good luck to everyone !!

DreamlandModels ( posted at 6:52AM Sun, 10 July 2011

Thanks pgmeri01, you are a good man! Your products are Top Shelf! I would not assume anyone here is going to win at this point. This contest is a long way from over. As the description says above, " The competition is going to be fierce! " It can be any one of us at this point. I am just happy to have made it this far. :-) To everyone else, thanks for the kind words about my products. 8-}~ Tom

skitzocrayon ( posted at 7:31AM Sun, 10 July 2011

ive only been around for two of these (the other being the "in most people's wishlist" a few months back.....I LOVE IT!!

Barbara1337 ( posted at 10:27AM Mon, 11 July 2011

OK Tom, I just helped you some more. Love your old cars and trucks in the promos.

mikeerson ( posted at 4:19PM Mon, 11 July 2011

YOU'RE SMOKE'N TOM!!! LOL... maybe that should be your next model block? BUILDINGS ON FIRE - Every town has one or more - lol...that's not really funny, but it is a good Idea for your next Block Party - ooh, there's another Idea... Looks like I'm gonna have to count my pennies and buy your block - Monopoly motels don't even go this cheap - lol

addy ( posted at 12:34AM Tue, 12 July 2011

This was a great collection of products and a fun and awesome promotion idea! :) I'm amazed I got this far and I want to say thank you to everyone that voted for me. Good luck Tom, your product is really amazing, as I already told you, and it should win :) Addy

Nathrai ( posted at 5:33PM Tue, 12 July 2011

To anybody who does not yet own Dungeon Construction Set: Get it! NOW! ;) Very much looking forward to getting City Block 7, and I'm really happy seing three sets getting this far.

DreamlandModels ( posted at 6:26PM Tue, 12 July 2011

Hi Addy, You are sweet to say that! I also can't believe I made it this far. 8-}~ Thanks to everyone who voted for me but also, thanks to all the vendors who participated. This has been fun. Hope all you who voted had a good time as well, after all, this contest was for you! Regards, Tom

pantene ( posted at 6:29PM Tue, 12 July 2011

Ok, it seems city block 7 is gonna win (yay!). To prepare ourselves, I suggest we go on the hunt for free vintage 50s cars and trucks. Since it's my idea, allow me to be the first. There's a nice free 50s - 70s fire truck here : to go in the fire station. Any other suggestions?

wolandepiphanius ( posted at 1:35PM Wed, 13 July 2011

Here's a '48 tucker:

vienastoks ( posted at 5:25PM Wed, 13 July 2011

Thanks for all the vendors that participated. It was fun to vote, fun to guess right and fun to miss sometimes. About half of what's being offered here is already bought by me. :o) Now to get Block 7 to start my new municipality!

RPublishing ( posted at 10:27AM Thu, 14 July 2011

Congrats!!! Always glad to see the products (and vendors) I admire get proper recognition. Kudos! :)

mikeerson ( posted at 7:04PM Thu, 14 July 2011

Thank you for getting these venders to take part in this Renderosity, it was a great idea, it was fun and two models that have been on my wish list became affordable for me... this contest rocked - It really would be exciting to see the annual Halloween contest set up this way... a special thanks Tom/DreamlandModels - your block is in my cart.

DreamlandModels ( posted at 11:10AM Fri, 15 July 2011

Hi mikeerson, You are welcome my friend. Hope you have fun with the product. I had a good time with all the comments by everyone! I felt honored to be in this contest! Still can not believe I made it through because all the other products are so awesome! Regards, Tom

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