Render Rewards Program

thaaksma · December 9, 2008 12:00 am

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Renderosity's Render Rewards Program

Render Rewards

How would you like to be rewarded for your MarketPlace purchases? You can with Renderosity's Render Rewards program!

Here's how it works. Any month in which you spend $100 (or more) in the MarketPlace, you will receive a 5% payback on ALL your purchases for the following month! At the first of every month you qualify you will receive a Gift Certificate for your payback amount that you can use immediately. As a Prime member, you’ll receive 7% back on your purchases compared to the standard 5% rate.

Don't worry about signing up for anything or keeping track of your purchases - we do all of that for you, for free! Gift Certificates will be issued for the month following your purchases. For example, we will issue Gift Certificates on January 1st for all December purchases that qualify.

Of course, there are a few rules for the program. Any purchase(s) in the MarketPlace qualifies for the program. Any order must be paid in full by the end of the month to be included in that month's purchase total. Any refunds or coupon discounts will not apply towards your purchase total. All rewards will be issued in the form of Renderosity MarketPlace Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates will expire thirty (30) days from date of issue, and they are non-transferable.

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