Remembering Joanna (StudioArtVartanian)

gToon · August 7, 2016 5:44 pm

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Remembering Joanna (studioartvartanian).

I did not know Joanna personally, but I worked with her several times and found her to be helpful and very talented. Here work was always eye-catching and well-crafted. I also found here enthusiasm for her work to be refreshing. I was so sad when Hope told me that Joanna had died. I want to offer my condolences to her family and friends. I know she will leave a big whole in their lives. And, I believe, our Renderosity community will surely miss her wonderful creations and positive presence.

I wanted to honor Joanna in some way, so I created a short video that features some of her store items. In some small way, I hope it helps us heal.

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deathwisp ( posted at 9:52PM Sun, 07 August 2016

I did not know SAV at all, but I am stunned. The details in the character morphs and hair were so realistic. Very real talent, an eye for detail and a true artistic talent for sculpting faces. I will miss waiting to see "who" SAV was going to do next. I do hope the shop will continue to be open for a while and that their family will benefit. So many famous faces she has done, I will not be able to look at the characters again without feeling a loss. She will be missed.

deni67 ( posted at 1:43AM Sun, 21 August 2016

I can't believe more people haven't posted in this. I for one thought SAV was one of the most talented 3D artists around, and an all round great person.. May she Rest In Peace!

udin13 ( posted at 12:42AM Tue, 23 August 2016

Indeed, maybe people are just stunned, like I was, that somebody so talented and young is goneā€¦ She truly was one of the best 3D artists around. My thoughts and sympathy go to the family.

maneki_neko ( posted at 7:00AM Wed, 24 August 2016

After a long technical absence from rendo, i was sighting old news emails, as i read the header in memoriam SAV.. and though oh no, please let it be just a fancy name for some artist of the x thing... and i checked the news. Sadly, it really was what i feared. I only had a few msg exchanges with Joanna, but they were nice, and i felt she was a very special person. I will miss her as a gentle friendly person, and as an awesome creative artist with 1A items ~ my condolences and wishes for healing to her dearests.

Chaosophia ( posted at 12:59AM Wed, 31 August 2016

To one of my fav content creators I send thee with Mortiis, Across The World Of Wonders. May thy flights be of unique design, and thy worlds created a reflection of thy visions you see in eternal transition.