Reality 3 Now Available!

April 7, 2013 10:26 am

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Being Real Never Looked So Good.

The next level of rendering for Poser is here and the Renderosity MarketPlace Staff is excited to announce the immediate availability of Reality 3 For Poser!

On sale for $39.95 through Sunday, May 5th. (Regular price $59.95)

Reality 3 is your bridge from Poser to outstandingly realistic renders using LuxRender. Upon converting Poser materials, lights and cameras through Reality 3, the user can then render their Poser scene with LuxRender and achieve added realism to the project at hand. Both materials and light will be rendered with absolute physical fidelity!

Reality's creator, Pret-a-3D, has done an amazing job on continuing to improve this valuable tool for artists. Among the features included in this
thrid generation of Reality are; support of all Poser lights (including IBL), editing procedural textures with a live preview, conversion of Poser materials (including procedural nodes), fully featured node-less material editor and much more!

Visit Pret-a-3D's Store

Visit the Reality 3 Product Page


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Renderosity asked Pret-a-3D to talk about the evolution of the Reality products and here's what he had to say:

About three and a half years ago I was working on a tutorial about Blender and stumbled upon this great renderer called Lux. There are several Open Source renderers that can be found on the Net but LuxRender is different. For starters it is a physically-accurate renderer. This means that light and materials are renderers based on accurate simulations of their physical properties. Light, for example, is calculated at full spectrum and not just RGB. Glass is calculated taking in account the amount of absorption of light caused by the thickness of the glass.

I was blown away by the idea that the developers were able to successfully implement it and by the fact that Lux is available to everyone. Another benefit is that it's compatible with all the major Operating Systems (i.e. Mac, Windows and Linux). I began to think how amazing it would be if we could couple this power with the tens of thousands of products available in the marketplace for Poser.

In the middle of 2009, I was looking into it and found that LuxRender has its own file format for defining a scene and so a translator from Poser was necessary. It was at this time when the plan to develop a photo-realistic plugin began. The idea was to have a program that provided an alternative path for rendering. This plugin would be complete with a full-featured material editor to take advantage of what Lux offered. The goal was to achieve the highest level of photo-realism using Poser-designed content.

Unfortunately, when I looked at the options that Poser had at that time, I could not see the infrastructure that I needed to build the type of translator that I designed. So I looked at the API of DAZ Studio and decided to implement Reality for that application.

When Reality 1 was released in August of 2010, virtually nobody in the Poser space knew about LuxRender. It hit the market like a ton of bricks and it has been a great success. Three years later, Reality 2 for Studio (available here at Renderosity), continues to be a strong seller.

From day one the most requested feature for Reality was the Poser version. Last year I finally went back to that idea and contacted Smith Micro. I asked if they were willing to help with the project and they embraced it immediately. Smith Micro developed a new add-on framework for Poser 9 SR3 that enables a new level of integration that was not possible before. With that available, I was finally able to write Reality 3 for Poser.

Reality 3 for Poser is a brand new version of Reality that has a staggering amount of innovations. Among them are:

This is the only third-party plugin that is able to actually convert the Poser materials to another format. Reality 3 reads the shader nodes of Poser, interprets their meaning, and generates a new material based on those nodes. It can even convert the procedural node of Poser into procedural textures for Lux. It's like magic.

This technology was necessary so that most content for Poser can be rendered with Lux with minimal changes or adjustments. In many cases there is no need to change anything. This feature took a long time to be made, but it's a fundamental time-saver for Poser artists.

Reality 3 is actually a stand-alone program that provides a fully-developed User Interface so that the Poser artist doesn't have to sacrifice Poser real estate to edit Reality materials.

Reality provides a vast array of materials and textures that can be used to achieve the highest level of realism in your Poser scenes. For example, we have Skin with SSS that takes no effort to use. If you place Victoria 4 in your scene and call Reality, the program will have the SSS setting automatically configured. You don't want to use SSS? You can disable it with just one click of the mouse.

Metals are insanely realistic. We have a large number of presets, like Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum and others. In addition you can set any texture in the metal material and obtain amazing effects.

What's best is that you can edit the materials to any level but without the complexity found in traditional programs. For example you can create a brick texture with specific color for the brick and specific color for the grout, plus add some surface noise without editing a single node. There are no nodes in Reality but you can still create materials that have the same complexity of node-based ones.

The Reality texture editor allows you create textures with multiple layers without using nodes. This is one of the great achievements of Reality: all the power of nodes without the complexity.

In the lighting department you can convert your Poser lights and then take advantage of the beautiful Reality Mesh Light. This fixture provides a realistic light that can be controlled with ease. There are dials to control the sharpness, from perfectly delineated shadows to no shadows at all.

You can assign textures to lights or you can convert any material to be a light. You can even assign textures to spotlights, which will make them act as projectors. Simulating a movie theatre in Reality is very easy. We also have support for IBL and IES lights.

We have water that is stunning. Reality provides several ripple patterns pre made for you and then you can edit all the parameters for the displacement of water in the texture editor. Did I mention that the texture editor doesn't use nodes?

Reality provides not only a material preview but now you can have the preview for the patterns generated by the procedural textures. You want to create some procedural bump map? You can see the pattern generated and the effect of it on the material.

We have some amazing volume effects. Lux provides really nice volume features and Reality lets you define any number of volumes and use them as you prefer. This can be used for creating fog and atmospheric effects.

There are tons of other features but I think that I will let the image speak for themselves.

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Article Comments

andolaurina ( posted at 10:10AM Mon, 08 April 2013

Awesome! Thanks for releasing a Poser version! :)

FWArt ( posted at 10:42AM Mon, 08 April 2013

yay, this is exciting, going to upgrade right now. :)

FSMCDesigns ( posted at 11:22AM Mon, 08 April 2013

Outstanding Paolo, congrats! Being a huge fan and user of Reality for DS, I look forward to seeing some great new images from Poser users with Reality and Luxrender.

ShadowNovus ( posted at 11:53AM Mon, 08 April 2013

Ow my bank wallet.... Worth every penny. Thanks for the intro price too, helps a bit :D

islandgurl31 ( posted at 12:11PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Thank you Paolo :-), Just Upgraded.

nw316a ( posted at 12:25PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Will this work in Poser Pro 2010? Thanks, Don

Thalek ( posted at 1:10PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Don, it won't work in 2010: you need the modifications added to Poser 9/Pro 2012 that are in SR3. So even in those two, if you haven't added SR3, you can't run it. Great work, Paolo! I'm looking forward to getting a copy!

Pret-a-3D ( posted at 3:44PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Thank you everybody. Reality 3 requires Poser 9 or Pro 2012, with the SR3 installaed. Cheers.

bartsavagewood ( posted at 4:55PM Mon, 08 April 2013

great now if I was good at poser

catlin_mc ( posted at 5:03PM Mon, 08 April 2013

I've downloaded it and I'm raring to got, thank you for bringing Reality to Poser. A question though, will your RealGel lights on sale here, work in Reality 3? Cat

Vulpinemac ( posted at 7:40PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Would love it--if I had the models to work with. No standalone models that I like and the bits & pieces method doesn't really tend to look coherent.

yumeka ( posted at 10:13PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Sounds good i'm gonna grab mine today !

julesart ( posted at 10:28PM Mon, 08 April 2013

Do I have to download luxrender? If so where?

shonsu ( posted at 1:16AM Tue, 09 April 2013

When I read the highlights and title Reality 3 for Poser, I thought "cool". However, I have Poser 8 and this program is for Poser 9. Thinking perhaps, it should actually state that in the title.

torgas ( posted at 7:41AM Tue, 09 April 2013

Paolo, Since I use both Poser Professional 2012 and DAZ Studio will I need to purchase seperate versions of Reality 3 for both applications? If so that kind of stinks, but I understand. Will there be any discount to people who have already purchsed the one for Poser? Again if not I understand. I've already installed and have run a couple of test Renders in Poser. Took a little tweaking but the results have been fantasic. Thanks Paolo.

tmpdev ( posted at 4:35PM Tue, 09 April 2013

Paolo, can you show some African American renders About the size of your logo above?

razor24 ( posted at 7:05PM Tue, 09 April 2013

Images aren't very good at all for promos

Jan19 ( posted at 6:55PM Thu, 11 April 2013

Bought this at another store, and I give it a 5+++++ to infinity. This is an amazing plug in. If you read the Quick Start guide, you're up and running in no time flat. I love Reality 3!

LaurieA ( posted at 2:09PM Sun, 14 April 2013

Pose2Lux is free and will work in Poser 6 and up for people that can't use Reality (because it's 9/2012 only). You aren't left out.

Greymom ( posted at 6:46AM Mon, 15 April 2013

Already getting light effects I could never do in PP2012/Firefly! Render time can actually be faster than Poser with optimized lights. Well worth the wait! Thanks, Paolo!

FutureFantasyDesign ( posted at 8:49PM Mon, 15 April 2013

We need a 'Reality' Gallery! So others can share tips and tricks and show off their results!!! Paulo you can get this done here for us!

JurgenDoe ( posted at 2:00PM Wed, 17 April 2013

I just bought and played with it and the renders are awesome .. they do take longer but the results are just fantastic

nw316a ( posted at 5:38PM Tue, 30 April 2013

Well, hmmm... been getting really frustrated with Smith Micro's support and I've been contemplating switching over and learning DAZ 3D. It seems if I do, this Reality is already a part of DAZ's render options and I will have less problems with the DSON Importation for Genesis. Are there some good tutorials for DAZ 3D 4.5? Thanks, Don

nw316a ( posted at 1:19AM Wed, 01 May 2013

Ok, sticking with Poser for now. Can you tell me howt o find the SR3 so I can order this Reality 3 for Poser? Don

nw316a ( posted at 9:00AM Wed, 01 May 2013

Hello, again. I was able to install the SR3 and purchase Reality, however after copying the Reality folder into the designated addons in my Poser 9 Python (which is all located in Programsx86 on my system) I am receiving a popup stating "Could not load the Reality plugin." I've even tried creating a folder in the Programs file with all the appropriate sub folders leading to the addons folder then copied Reality folder in there, and no change. The Reality Lights and Props loaded ok, just not the plugin. This plugin is the whole reason I upgraded my Poser 8 to 9. Advice? Don

hindudreams ( posted at 10:54AM Tue, 12 November 2013

im having the same issue with Poser pro 2014. the plugin never loads. get the same message

TarAntanamir ( posted at 6:46AM Fri, 15 November 2013

Got it as a gift, but get error message same as the 2 posters above.

Pret-a-3D ( posted at 8:48AM Fri, 15 November 2013

Hello. The error message is caused by the installation of the wrong version. Please contact us via the support channel,, and we will give you the solution. Cheers.

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