Product Bundling Is Finally Here!

November 29, 2010 12:30 am

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Product Bundling Comes to the Renderosity's MarketPlace!

The Renderosity Team is excited to announce that Product Bundling can now be found within our MarketPlace. Just click on the "Quick View." Product Bundling makes finding great products easy and brings you volume discount opportunities. This powerful tool will increase the options vendors have when it comes to developing specialized promotions with bundled discounts of up to 50% off.

Product Bundle times can vary from 3 days to 30 days, so make sure you check the availability dates so you don't miss out on any of the great discounts! Remember: just click on the "Quick View" to see the products available. More ways to find the Product Bundles will be coming real soon, so please keep your eyes out for these additional ways to save!

Find Bundle Deals with the QUICK VIEW

Below is an example of the Quick View on a MarketPlace product that has been Bundled. On the left, you'll see the text 'Quick View' under the product thumbnail. Clicking that link displays a window that shows important details on that product including price, sales description, Bundles or other sales discounts and "Add to Cart" buttons for the individual product or Bundled package without having to wait for a completely new page to load.

nirvy's Chit Chat - NATU School Uniform

To the right is another example of BUNDLING on nirvy's Bundled products for NATU. This image clip is from the product page. Underneath the 'Add To Cart' button there are additional product thumbs for the other products in that Bundle. When you mouse over any of the thumbs, a larger image will appear with more information (as shown).



You can also GIFT a Bundle! That's right, just another great way to say to thanks to your friends here at Renderosity. Just type the username of the person you would like to send a Gift to in the "Gift for" field, then a NOTE box will appear where you can send them a message with your Gift, then simply press the "Add Bundle to Cart" and If you press the "Add to Cart" button, it will only be the individual item.

The image below is of an actual product page. The first noteworthy item is that a gift box icon will show up *IF* you have friends who have that product on their public wishlist. The gift box will not show if you do not have friends with the item on their public wishlist. Your friend's username can then be clicked on and a gift of that product can be immediately sent! The second change you may notice is that we've removed the list of links that had followed the vendor name. Instead, the user can click on the vendor's name and see a window that will show the vendor's avatar and links to Add to Favorites, their Artist Page, their Store and their Gallery. All this in one convenient location.


Below are some products that have Bundled deals going on now.

Pretty Hands for V4
Urban Buildings Set (Poser & OBJ)
Gnome's House 2
T Shirt Shop for Hongyu's SG3: T-Shirt
Chit-Chat: Natu School Uniform

We look forward to hearing your comments and continuing to deliver the best CG community experience!

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Article Comments

Swidhelm ( posted at 6:15AM Mon, 29 November 2010

I have been wanting something like this--the bundling--for a long time! I can't for the life of me find how to do it. Perhaps it isn't implemented yet?

jakiblue ( posted at 7:10AM Mon, 29 November 2010

i really like that little giftbox notification - great idea!! Looking forward to seeing this bundle option start.

tiggersprings ( posted at 1:41PM Mon, 29 November 2010

I really like the little gift icon that shows you which friends have an item on their wishlist. I do most of my 3D gift shopping here at Rendo, so that will be very handy. :)

supercope ( posted at 3:27PM Mon, 29 November 2010

If you happen to purchase a product while it is bundled, will the store tell you that "you've purchased this item before" if you later accidentally add it to your cart as an unbundled item?

StaceyG ( posted at 3:41PM Mon, 29 November 2010

supercope, Yes it will not let you purchase any item in the bundle again unless it's purchased as a gift for another member. It works the same as the single items in that it won't let you purchase twice.

supercope ( posted at 3:53PM Mon, 29 November 2010

Thanks! That makes shopping a little less complicated!

puffle_huff ( posted at 4:24PM Mon, 29 November 2010

I think it's a great idea and will make things MUCH less complicated.

infinity10 ( posted at 8:48PM Mon, 29 November 2010

Well, uhm, it sure sounds a little bit complicated to me. Let's see how it works....

Cybertenko ( posted at 12:45AM Wed, 01 December 2010

not fully understood by me.I can only choose one item for bundle, but how to choose more?

coruscate2 ( posted at 2:41AM Wed, 01 December 2010

There's a "hole" in how you've impleneted this bundle thing (Unless I'm blind): We're only going to be able to see that "quick view" info if we are shopping in one of the standard marketplace views. If we search we don't see it. And if we bookmarked the item (I bookmark everything I REALLY want) then we can't see it either when we come back to the bookmark.

jakiblue ( posted at 5:17AM Wed, 01 December 2010

so how exactly do you know if there is a bundle by a vendor? is it only when clicking on either "quick view" on a product or by viewing the product page? there's no notification otherwise?

the_tdog ( posted at 8:12AM Wed, 01 December 2010

I think your example of the "quick view" pop-up window ought to have had an item that was part of a bundle.

Guardian_Angel_671 ( posted at 6:11PM Wed, 01 December 2010

With the gift box feature,do the friends have to have their lists marked as public for us to be able to know if it's on their list.i have at least 1 who hides her list lol.(makes it hard to do the random sneak a giftie lol)

StaceyG ( posted at 8:54PM Wed, 01 December 2010

Hi Guardian, Yes you can only see the public wishlist items. You need to tell your friend to make hers public if she wants a surprise lol:)

altmandee ( posted at 7:49AM Thu, 02 December 2010

I tried buying a bundle a few days ago or maybe a little longer than that and it didn't work. The two items went in my cart at regular price. Dolores

Meldamiriel ( posted at 1:31PM Sun, 05 December 2010

LOVE the idea. Would like to have a way of viewing the newest listings so I don't have to go thru the whole category. (Or change how the listings are organized - like on our wishlists.) Thank you for listening! :)

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