NVIDIA's Quadro P5000 GPU Reviewed

gToon · April 4, 2017 12:41 pm

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NVIDIA has been successfully developing and innovating computer graphics technology for nearly 20 years. Whether in the gaming world with their GeForce 10 series of cards or in the professional workstation Quadro series of cares, NVIDIA is committed to making a difference in how users interact with computer graphics. Their technology in the workstation market, in particular, has spurred further development in fields like oil exploration, architecture, medical imaging, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

In February, 2017, NVIDIA completed their refresh of the Quadro Pascal series of workstation graphics cards. From the Quadro P400 to the top of the line GP100, every Quadro card is built using their newest Pascal graphics architecture. With Pascall NVIDIA has created a tehcnological powerhouse for graphics and computer processing. Pascal is designed using the advanced FinFet transistor design and offers huge increases in performance from entry level workstations all the way up to the top of the line Quadro GP100. Every card in the Quadro series features new AI algorithims, the absolute best in VR graphics support, huge increases in peformance, NVIDIA's NVLink technology for maximum scalability and innovative memory designs that provides a 3X boost in memory bandwidth.

Today, we are going to look at NVIDIA's new Quadro P5000 workstation card which is a high end graphics card built for accuracy and reliability.

The entire NVIDIA Quadro Pascal lineup supports the latest NVIDIA CUDA 8 compute platform providing developers access to powerful new Pascal features in developer tools, performance enhancements and new libraries including nvGraph.

What all this means is that with the new Pascal Quadro cards, NVIDIA gives users the power to advance rendering, design, simulation, create expansive visual workspaces with multiple monitors and reap the benefits of photorealistic design. And all of this on graphics cards that are faster and more energy efficient than ever before.

The NVIDIA Quadro P5000 workstation graphics card, powered by NVIDIA Pascalâ„¢ GPU technology, features 16 GB memory capacity and enables an expansive visual workspace with quad display outputs. Work with larger models, complex visual effects and simulations, larger rendering tasks, and more life-like VR experiences in your workflow today and be well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow - NVIDIA Quadro P5000 data sheet


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