Nirvy's 7th Anniversary Sale Going On Now!

October 1, 2010 12:30 am

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It's been 7 years and Nirvy is ready to scratch that itch!

Renderosity vendor, Nirvy, has put together a sale to help celebrate 7 years of selling in the Renderosity MarketPlace. You'll have a full week to satisy that itch of getting your favorite product from Nirvy at up to 88% off. If you haven't visited their store in a while, now's the time to reacquaint yourself to some of the great products you'll find here!

Models from Nirvy up to 88% off!

Beginning October 1st and running through October 7th at 11:45pm, product's can be found in Nirvy's store with savings up to 88% off. Make sure to visit their store today and checkout with great savings!

Sale ends at 11:45pm, Renderosity System Time (CST), on October 7th.

Here is a selection of products you can find right now from Nirvy:

Let Me Dream - Sexy Gown by nirvy
Let Me Dream - Sexy Gown
G3F Natural Hi & Private 2  by nirvy
G3F Natural Hi & Private 2
T G3F by nirvy
Color Me Love - Suzanne by nirvy
Color Me Love - Suzanne
Hot Date 2 G3F by nirvy
Hot Date 2 G3F

Questions? Please contact Nirvy via Site Mail.

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Article Comments

Timmoth ( posted at 6:47AM Sat, 02 October 2010

My opinion, have useful thumbnail pics that actually show the product. I'm not going to click on every single item to see what the hell it is, before I now if I'm interested or not. Sale or not, sorry, we both miss out.

Madbat ( posted at 7:15PM Mon, 04 October 2010

I think You are missing out on a big market by being so Daz incompatible. It's too bad, your texture packs look good, but your one of the vendors I always bypass.