Nirvy Has Finally Hit Rock Bottom!

April 9, 2010 1:00 am

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Nirvy Is Having a Rock Bottom Sale for One Week Only - Up to 99.9% Off!

The prices are falling to rock bottom in nirvy's store in the MarketPlace! This is your chance over the next week to roll over to their store and get savings on every single item available!

Up to 99.9% Off Nirvy's Digital Content

From April 9th until 11:45pm Renderosity System Time (CST) on the 15th, the prices in nirvy's store will be hitting rock bottom at discounts up to 99.9% off! This sale is one week only - get to nirvy's store in the MarketPlace today!

Get to the bottom of these savings with nirvy!

Sale ends at 11:45pm Renderosity System Time (CST) on April 15th


Here is a selection of products you can find right now from nirvy:

Evening Bliss G3F G8F by nirvy
Evening Bliss G3F G8F
Hot Date 3  G3F/G8F by nirvy
Hot Date 3 G3F/G8F
Notte d'Amore - Dynamic Outfit for V4 and GND:A by nirvy
Notte d'Amore - Dynamic Outfit for V4 and GND:A
Natural Hi-Low & Private G3F  by nirvy
Natural Hi-Low & Private G3F
Passions IV - Lace Lingerie by nirvy
Passions IV - Lace Lingerie

If you have any questions, please contact nirvy via Site Mail.

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Article Comments

LeChatDesigns ( posted at 10:25AM Fri, 09 April 2010

Thank you so much for having this sale! Fan hugs, Cat

JHoagland ( posted at 1:53PM Fri, 09 April 2010

Am I missing something? When I looked at all the SlinkyLine texture sets (which are very nice and I've added to my wishlist), they're only 10% off. Is there an easy way to see which products are on sale for 99.9% off?

motleyjustmotley ( posted at 4:51PM Fri, 09 April 2010

The Steampunk Mechania (I & II) are definitely going on my wishlist.

Marque ( posted at 8:12PM Fri, 09 April 2010

All looks pretty much full price to me??

schonee ( posted at 7:11AM Sat, 10 April 2010

Awesome! Thank you

zxcv ( posted at 1:52PM Sun, 11 April 2010

@ JHoagland and Marque: Standard Marketing 101: lure 'em in with a few "loss leaders" at 99.9% off and while they're shopping, they'll likely pick something from the majority of higher-priced items. I confess being a bit disappointed that none of the stuff on my wishlist was at that huge discount, but every merchant has used this marketing technique the days of the Phoenicians. Even after 2500 years, it's still a brilliant startegy.

Savage_dragon ( posted at 11:42AM Tue, 13 April 2010

I don't see the problem. I got a couple of kick butt items way, way cheap. I'm happy. Thank you! ")

babygirl567 ( posted at 3:09PM Tue, 13 April 2010

I dont see 1 item for 99.9% off

Jumpstartme2 ( posted at 3:43PM Tue, 13 April 2010

There are currently 2 items at the full 99.9% off that I have found: NEVERNEVERLAND for Pretty3D's Hi Fantasy Pirate Passion Ride for Pretty 3D's Hi-Fantasy Cowgirl Outfit There are savings all across the nirveys store..the announcement states: Up to 99.9% Off Nirvy's Digital Content

Madbat ( posted at 10:53PM Tue, 13 April 2010

I doubt you'll find ANY sale where everything is 99% off unless they have to clear town fast...

derikalena ( posted at 12:30PM Wed, 14 April 2010

Advertising is tricky...If you read it slowly it says: UP to 99.9% off with UP TO being the keys words. That's advertising for ya!

DarksealStudios ( posted at 4:57PM Thu, 15 April 2010

Yes, they must have put one product for a penny, which I don't think you can do here, right? $5 is the lowest it can go? So it must have been pretty pricey stuff, right? It's either up to 100%, not 99.9 right? Or am I really that bad at math???