News of the Week for April 9, 2018

gToon · April 8, 2018 10:16 pm

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NEWS OF THE WEEK FOR April 9, 2018

Our weekly video news program covers and hand-picked CG Industry news via our Renderosity Magazine website.

splash image: "Bloody 'ell! We'll Miss Tea M'Dear." by steelrazer

Renderosity News

  • Vendor of the Month for April, 2018 - lilflame! Our vendor of the month for April, 2018, is the multi-awarding winning lilflame. She has been a member of Renderosity for over 15 years and has nearly 1,000 followers. Lilflame has recently won the Dynamic Duo award (along with Sveva) for 2018.
  • Member of the Month for April, 2018 - SamTherapy. It's hard to say exactly how R'osity impacts into my life as a creator, because it's as much part of my daily life as just about anything else. I may not post to the galleries much these days but I still enjoy reading the forums, viewing stuff and getting ideas here and there. I like to help out, if possible, and if not, then give people the benefit of my dubious sense of humour.

Renderosity Magazine News

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