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The Renderosity Marketplace welcomes products of all types, including but not limited to models, textures, props, morph targets, animations, pose sets for existing models, software, and much more. We have products in the marketplace for a variety of different software programs including Vue, ZBrush, Lightwave, Carrara, Cinema 4D, and of course Poser and Daz Studio, and more, plus products for 2D programs as well. If you are not sure if what you have created is right for the marketplace, simply email us at with images of your product and a brief description.

Below you will find guidelines for product submission, packaging, quality control, and other guidelines for products in the Renderosity Marketplace.

Renderosity does not accept the following type of content:

  • Poses or activity where any person (regardless of age) appears that they "could" be engaged in sexual activity.
  • Items that appear "sexual in nature" or are intended for "adult audiences" (example: bondage gear).
  • Products that display child or teen nudity.
  • Re-distribution of a 3D product in 2D form whereas there is direct competition with the 3D product.

Renderosity also reserves the right to decline content at our discretion.


Copyright Policies

Renderosity adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We take copyright and trademark violations very seriously. Please make sure you take some time to review our sites copyright policy at this link:

There are many resources available in the marketplace for vendors to use in creating their own original products. On the product upload page, a space is provided to enter the names of the resources used, if any, to create your product. If you obtained resources from somewhere other than Renderosity, you will also need to submit a copy of the license or written permission from the copyright holder to Renderosity by email (, fax or regular mail to Bondware, Inc in order to use the resources. This information will be filed in your vendor's file.

Although vendors are allowed to use other resources when they have purchased the rights to redistribute them and use them in their own commercial projects, Renderosity strongly encourages vendors to only sell items that are 100% their own. This will help to limit, and protect everyone from, copyright disputes.


Product Testing

All products must be thoroughly beta-tested before being submitted to the Marketplace queue. Once submitted, your product will be reviewed by our Quality Control Staff to determine whether it meets the standards of quality we have set for the Marketplace. Once accepted, your product will be thoroughly tested by our team, and if there are too many technical issues it will be failed, as determined by our Testers.

  • In-depth information on the upload page can be reviewed here: Product Upload User Guide.
  • Renderosity allows each artist to upload their store items. Please see for our upload form. If you have any difficulty uploading please contact for assistance.
  • Each vendor may have a maximum of five (5) products uploaded to Review/Pending queue at one time.
  • The product may be placed in a maximum of five (5) marketplace departments. These must be relevant to the product. Any item listing found to be in unrelated departments will be corrected by the marketplace staff.
  • The "Product Description", listed on the upload form as "Standard Description" is a text only area that is required for every product. In addition to whatever information you feel is necessary, a brief, yet complete and detailed description of your product should be entered here, and must also include the following specific information:
    • complete contents of your package
    • product name and URL for any required products
    • the software and specific versions required to use your product
    • a full list of morphs included in your product, if applicable
  • In addition to the product description field, the "Editorial Tab" will allow you to include any html formatted information about your product that you would like to include, but it is not required.

If your files have problems or do not follow the submission guidelines, we will delete your submission and the testing results will be placed on the Product Communications Page.

Failed Product Process
If your product is tested and failures are found, you will be contacted by the tester via the Product Communications Page with the information regarding the failures. The product will be placed in the holding area, and once the vendor has corrected the issues and replaced the files, they must contact the tester via the Product Communications Page. The product is eligible to be tested in seven (7) – ten (10) days from the date of initial fail date.

If the product is tested and fails a second time, you will be contacted again regarding the failures and it will be eligible to be re-tested in fourteen (14) days from the initial fail date.

If your product is re-tested a third time and it fails, you will be notified and the product will be deleted from the testing queue. The product will be eligible for consideration again after thirty (30) days, and the names of two (2) beta-testers along with their testing reports must be submitted to us before we will accept it again.

If a Marketplace Tester, Admin, or Review Staff personnel contact you for any reason regarding one of your products, and you do not reply after seven (7) days time, the product will be deleted from the testing queue.


Acceptable File Formats

  • PC Only: Files may be submitted as a .ZIP. - in some cases (software, video tutorials), a .rar file is acceptable.
  • MAC Only: Files must be submitted as a .SIT or .ZIP

All files should adhere to the proper file structure for the software it is intended to be used in. Poser products should follow the path :Runtime: ..., etc..

If your product is intended for 2 different software types/versions you must upload a complete product zip for each software the product is intended to work in/for. For example if your product is for Poser and Daz Studio you will need to upload a product zip for each program. These should be full product files. This way if a buyer uses Poser only, they can download the Poser zip/zips only. If your product is for Daz Studio the buyer will need to download only the Daz Studio Files.

All zip names should be titled "" If your item contains multiple zips, they should be named accordingly such as "", "", OR "", ""

Products that do not adhere to the above standard will be failed.

For additional information on Paths please see our Creating File Paths for Poser Products Tutorial.
When you upload files to Renderosity, the maximum file size is 50MB, and you can upload up to five (5) files with a sixth space available for your templates zip.
Each product zip file must contain the following:

  • A ReadMe file(in Plain ASCII .txt format) The readme file must contain all the information listed below in the exact order shown here or it will fail.
    • Product name, copyright statement & date
    • Vendor name (email addresses are not permitted within the online readme file)
    • Product description
    • System requirements (PC, MAC, or PC/MAC and compatible software versions)
    • Needed files: Any 3rd party files needed for the product to function. Product/products name. No direct link required in readme file.
    • Installation instructions
    • Usage tips/limitations
    • Complete list of morphs (if product contains morphs)
    • Files list (Exact folder and file name listing) This listing should include the required Documentation folder and the files required in that folder. ie...Product Readme file and Renderosity License files as show:  Documentation(productname)readme.txt and renderositylicense.txt
  • License file

In order to ensure that future updates to our licenses are in force and effective immediately when any changes may have to be made, the license file should contain ALL of the following text.


Renderosity has two license options, and it is very important to make sure you read and understand the correct license before using our products. All Renderosity products use this STANDARD LICENSE as of April 1, 2014 regardless of when purchased, unless products specifically have "EXTENDED LICENSE" in the title. If you have any questions, or do not agree to the terms of our license, please email"

  • Product files
    All files required to make the product functional should be included.
  • Readme and License must extract to a "Documentation" folder. The Documentation folder should be in the root of the zip (not within the Runtime: path)….. The Readme file must be named "ProductName_Readme" to avoid Readme files overwriting other Readme's.

Non-Poser Packaging Information
Most applications other than Poser don't require files to be distributed to sub-folders. For non-Poser based packages we do not require the ZIP file paths adhere to the Poser standard listed above.



  • All models "should" contain either tri's or quad's (3-or 4-sided polygons). Ngons (5 sides polygons) do not behave well in Poser or in Daz Studio. This will be evident when testing the product … the mesh or model will have polygons that are visibly different that those surrounding it, be lighter or darker in appearance when they should not be, etc. More times than not, this may not cause a problem in Poser that needs to be addressed, but will show up in Daz Studio.
  • All models should be in .obj format.
  • All products must include texture templates for the models included in the product if applicable. Templates are to be included in a separate zip file. The template zip may only contain templates. No product files are allowed to be included in the templates zip. The template zip will not be counted towards the normal 3 zip limit per product, so if a 4th zip spot is needed for templates, it will be provided.
  • Poser files (.cr2s, pz3s, etc) should never include mesh data (embedded geometry/object). Objects should be stored in the geometry folder, and should be pointed to with the proper path within the file.
  • UV Mapping should be optimal for models. In other words, there should be little-to-no distortion or stretching when applied to the model, and no seams should be visible except where they are intended.
  • All thumbnails in Poser must be uniform in appearance, and appropriately sized and have a graphical representation of the item (figure, prop, mat pose, pose, camera, light, etc...)
  • Checkered .jpg must be applied to all models to check for UV stretching and distortions
  • Any files that aren't needed for the product to function are not to be included in the product zip, such as thumbs.db, .ini, etc….
  • For any product containing more than one zip, the only file that is acceptable be duplicated in each of the zips is the Readme file. Duplicating product files between zips is not acceptable.
  • All file names such as .obj's, pp2's and all texture names must be distinct in naming. Using your vendor intials or part of the product name in the naming of these files will avoid issues in testing and distribution. Generic file naming such as 1.jpg or back.jpg or hat.obj is not acceptable.


  • All clothing models should include at least one base texture.
  • It is recommended but not mandatory that morphs included in clothing that correspond to morphs in the intended figures, should crosstalk, and should also include corresponding JCM's.
  • All models that incorporate handles should also include mat poses to HIDE or SHOW the handles; handles should not show up in renders.
  • Clothing should have at least 4 of the full body morphs that come with the base figure for which it is modeled, and it is preferred to also have a reasonable number of the most widely used partial body morphs in order to make the product more marketable.
  • Dials for any extra morphs included in the clothing should be appropriately named so they are easily understood, i.e. Skirt_Shorter, TopUp_L, etc., and should function accordingly.
  • Textures included with clothing should be realistically scaled and also scaled consistently across groups.
  • All clothing and accessories should be modeled to a reasonable standard of fit and quality according to the style of the clothing and the character for which it is intended to be used.
  • Adjustment morphs should be included for any problem areas of clothing where poke-thru or fitting problems could occur, or where clothing requires special posing.
  • All clothing items need to be tested with each morph included, and posed using each of the characters poses included with the figure…. ie, each article of clothing must be applied to V4, and each of V4's poses must be used when testing with and without included morphs in clothing.


  • Unless it is parented to another prop, OR all the props in a particular package or library are required to land in a specific position in order to create a multi-prop "scene", all props must load in zero position on the x,y, and z axis, with no rotations applied.

  • Props created to be worn by or used by a character (jewelry or a sword), should be smart-propped in the appropriate position. Props that are to used by a character, if applicable, must include corresponding hand poses for that prop.


  • "Custom" morphs created for sale and distribution should be completely unique and cannot be derived from morphs included in an existing product as base for your own product.
  • The only exceptions are "injection pose files" which are created to use in character packages that basically use values only on the existing morphs/dials in a specific character, in which case the morphs for that character would be required to have been previously purchased in order to use the injection pose files included in the product, and should be listed as a needed/required product.
  • Custom morphs must follow the following path:
    • Runtime:Libraries:Morphs:yourdirectoryname


  • Poses should be submitted in .pz2 format.
  • Poses should not contain any morph information unless it is specifically created to include them.
  • Poses should be created with as much realism as possible, with logical movement and positioning, i.e. feet on the floor in standing positions, butt on the floor or chair when sitting, no hands or fingers poking through hips, and no contortionist positions (unless it's on purpose, and in that case, should be noted in the readme file).
  • IK should be turned off for all poses saved.
  • The Poser thumbnail must depict the pose that it's actually applying


  • Products that include textures either for an existing product or for models included in the package, should include MAT pose files to apply those textures and/or .mc6 or .mt5 files (whichever are more appropriate to the specific product.
  • Texture files should be in .jpg or .png format, unless the product's functionality or intended appearance requires another file format such as .tif, etc.
  • Texture files should have distinctive naming. 1.jpg or red.jpg etc are not acceptable naming. The textures should use a part of the product name or first few letters of vendor name/product to be>
  • Repeated product submissions with multiple looks and similarities will not be accepted. We want unique products in the marketplace.

Store items are priced at a minimum of $5. Pricing minimums for products with more than one file are as follows: Up to 150 mb file size= $5.00 minimum; Up to 300 mb file size= $7.50 minimum; Up to 450 mb file size= $9.95 minimum. Anything more than 450 mb will be looked at in Review and we will work with the vendor on appropriate pricing. You are allowed up to 5 product zips of us to 150 mb in sizeeach, and a sixth space is open for templates/uv maps zips only. We have a Product Content Guidelines for Pricing which all products submitted for placement in the marketplace must adhere to.











Pricing can fluctuate due to complexity of the base figure and what is included such as morphs, clothing and poses.


20 or less color options, 1 prop only, morphs for no more than 4 figures such as A4/G4/V4 etc.



20+ color options, more than 1 prop, fits for more than 3 base figures, add on options such as different types of ponytails or bangs.




$ 7.95



$ 8.75


200 +

$ 9.50

Full colors count for the pricing…does not include partials/material zone options.



Small Sets/up to 20

$ 7.99


    - with partials included



Med Sets/21-30

$ 8.99


    - with partials included



Large Sets/31-40

$ 9.99


- with partials included



XLarge Sets/41-50



- with partials included



Expression Sets up to 20

$ 6.95


Expression Sets up to 30

$ 7.95


Up to 20 poses and up to 5 props

$10.99 -$11.99


Up to 20 Poses with up to large props/buildings/scenes

$12.99 - $13.99

Limit of 50 base poses (not counting mirrors or partials) in one package.


1 piece/bathing suits/under garments, simple dresses and 2 piece bikini)

$ 9.95


2 piece



3-4 pieces



5+ pieces


We will also look at very complicated sets such as; clothing and props and larger sets to better apply appropriate pricing.

Clothing for characters not as widely used, such as TeriYuki, Miki, Alyson for example and some toon figures may be priced at a lower minimum due to sales base not being as large.



Textures/Add-On for 1-3 Piece Base

Up to 8 sets/styles *1 piece can be 16*

$ 7.85


Up to 14 full sets/styles *1 Piece can be 28*

$ 8.50


Up to 20 full sets/styles *1 Piece can be 40

$ 9.25

Textures/Add-On for 4-10 Piece Base

Up to 6 sets/styles

$ 9.45


Up to 10 sets/styles



Up to 14 sets/styles



Up to 20 sets/styles


Textures/Add-On for 10+ Piece Base

Up to 6 sets/styles



Up to 8 sets/styles


Limit of 20 sets/style included in one add-on package for a 1-5 piece base.
Limit of 8 sets/style included in one add-on package for a 6 -8 piece base.
Limit of 8 sets/style included in one add-on package for a 10+ piece base.


1 Pair



2 Pair


Additional models in one package will be priced upon review of the product submitted.


Up to 20 texture sets



Up to 30 texture sets


No more than 30 textures per pair. Texture sets for more than 1 pair of shoes will be raised accordingly.



Basic models - 1 Piece


$ 9.95

Basic models - 2 Piece                            


$ 11.45

Complex models/ 3+ multiple pieces         


$ 14.95



$ 1.00 each

Victoria 4, Michael 4, and other figure character/texture sets

Up to 7 makeup/7 eyes/7 lip colors and 1 body INJ,  1 head INJ and 1 "feature" INJ (ears/eyes/nose)  and 1 base/full mat up to 10 nails/brows options



8+ options in each of the above categories, allowance for 2 base/full mats for tattoos or fantasy skin *up to 20 nails/brows options



13+ options for each category or more features, allowance for 3+ base/full mats, no limit on nails/brows options



No limits on any makeups/brows/lips/nails etc. Only restriction is only 2 morphs per head/body and 4 full base mats.


ONE option per makeup option/eye option/lip option will be allowed. So if you have a “regular” lip color you can have ONE either glossy/glitter option. This is an either or choice….not both. If you have 2-3 options such as glitter/glossy/matte etc…it puts the product into the next higher pricing guideline area. So if you have makeup’s such as regular/dirty or regular(with hair)/without hair etc…these count as ONE with the one additional option. Any more than ONE option per texture will put the product in the next category. Eye shadow/Eye shadow w/liner is ONE.


Small sets/rooms/scenes with  up to 5 pieces

$ 7.50


Medium Sets/Rooms/Scenes with up to 10 pieces

$  8.50


Scenes/Rooms large with up to 16 pieces

$ 11.50

Larger/unique sets priced on case by case basis with these above prices in mind.



Texture Tiles/Fabrics

Up to 30 tiles                          

$ 7.95



$ 9.95

Stock Photography

Up to 25



Up to 40



Limit of 40 per set.


Materials (.mt5 or .mc6, for Poser)

Up to 100



100 – 200



300 or more


Over 60 Texture Tiles will be required in 2 packages.

If your material packs are also a merchant resource they must also abide by the merchant resource rules and even though the actual materials can be 100-200 the textures used to create them (the resource essentially) must go by the texture pack rules.

Resources such as tattoos, eyes, lips, etc will start at $8.00 and go up depending on how many are included in each product.

Photoshop brushes/actions etc. look at on individual basis with a minimum of $6.95


Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Renderosity Staff.  Pricing guidelines are also subject to change.

When deciding upon a name for your product, we encourage you to search the marketplace for your prospective names in order to find out if a current product carries the same name. As a matter of professional courtesy and ethics among vendors, we discourage you to use names that are already used on current products in the marketplace, and to use creativity and originality in your naming process.

If a product enters the MarketPlace with the exact name of an existing product, and a Vendor lodges a complaint to the Store staff the Vendor with the newest product will be asked to rename their product. If the vendor refuses to rename the product it will not be released into the MarketPlace. Renderosity will not search for naming conflict. This should be done by the Vendor prior to submitting a product to the MarketPlace.

Vendors should always try to work this out prior to engaging the Store Staff. If a resolution can't be reached in a professional manner between the vendors, the Store Staff will assist in this process.

If your product name is Trademarked please send the Trademark registration information to

Your product promotions can make the difference between a mediocre seller or a best seller. Potential customers base their buying decisions directly on the images in your product page, so you want to spend a good amount of time and attention on accurately representing your product, while displaying it in the best way possible. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Avoid noisy/busy backgrounds … neutral colors for backgrounds and accents work best.
  • Use the highest quality settings for your renders … 3 great renders that take a bit more time are better than 6 quick ones.
  • Present your product creatively and according to your vision of how you want it to look.
  • Make sure to highlight all of the content and options available with your product.
  • Make sure you show your product from all angles and POVs.


Regarding Links in the Marketplace

Link/Information Type

Allowed in Promos

Allowed in Readme

Vendor Email Address



Required Product Link

Yes, required.

Yes, but not required.

Renderosity Store/Product Link

Yes, required.

Yes, but not required.

Site with no store or brokerage



Site with store or brokerage



* please see the readme guidelines above for more information on email addresses.

Promotional Guidelines
Main Image – min 1200 wide x 800 or up to 1600 high
Thumbnail Image – 300 x 350 and limit of 50 kb weight/size.

  • Thumbnail image should be a complete and accurate representation of the product.

Promotional Image – 1200 wide x 325 high
Additional/Lightbox Images - products must include at least 3 lightbox images when necessary - exceptions would be something like software – max 1000 wide x 1600 high

  • There must be a minimum of 3 additional/lightbox images on your product page.
  • Corresponding thumbnails for each additional image in the size of 214 x 214 must be provided - all thumbnails must contain NO NUDITY.
  • Any image that displays nudity should be marked "yes" on the content advisory directly under the upload buttons.
  • One of the allowed images must include a front, back and side view unless not appropriate.
  • Promos for clothing and accessories must include images that utilize at least 5 different poses.
  • Promos for clothing and accessories must include images of the clothing with at least 3 different morphs (i.e. Voluptuous, Aiko, Thin).
  • Renders for promotional images must be done in the program for which the product is intended. i.e. If your product is under the Poser category and listed as Poser required to use the product you must do the promotional image renders in Poser. If your product states it is also compatible with Daz Studio and Daz Studio is listed as a department for your product then you must provide at least one render that is done in Daz Studio and label that image as being done in said program. (if your product is for poser only it is not necessary to label your images but they are required to be done in poser. Same is true for Daz Studio...if the product is Daz Studio only you are not required to label the images but they are required to be rendered in that program.) If your product is for Vue the same is true and you must provide renders that are done in Vue. Maya, 3D Studio...etc. At least one render for each program specified is required to show the entire product being sold. So if your product is a character for example, the render must show the entire character both from and back views to show morphs and skin textures being sold in the product. If your product is a props set/scene the same is true. The entire scene and all props must be shown in renders for each program.
  • Example images of your product should not be altered with post production render touch-ups intended to alter the appearance of the model. To assist customers with their purchasing decisions, these pictures are intended to be an accurate representation of the product without adjustments.
  • Off site links are not allowed within the thumbnail, promotional images, promotional wording or readme.txt file for your MarketPlace product except as outlined in the table above.
  • Off site links to products that are required for your product to function must be included in your promotional wording and readme.txt file and the link is required to resolve directly to the main page of the required product.
  • The product thumbnail, main image, and the promotional image (690 x 250 used on the site) may not contain any nudity and must follow the nudity guidelines below:


  • No nudity. This implies no clothes, clothes that are transparent or blurring of nude images.
  • Tasteful breast exposure. No areloa or nipple exposure, and no transparent fabric.
  • No exposed buttocks - more exposure than a standard bikini bottom would constitute nudity.
  • No suggestive or sexual positioning.
  • No child nudity.
  • Promotional images should not be sexually suggestive or erotic.
  • No Sexually Suggestive Language, images or "Censored" language/images.

Additional Promo Images may contain nudity if applicable to the product.

Character and/or Texture packages for the following figures are not allowed to be shown nude in any promotional images in the MarketPlace: Kids/Under 18 looking human figures.

If a character/texture package for any other model appears too young for nude exposure by the majority of the Admin Team, you will be advised, and asked to provide images containing no nudity.

Child Nudity
Due to legal liability surrounding Children and Child pornography, we will not allow any nude pictures of children in The MarketPlace. This includes products advertised as teens, pre-adolescent, child like fairies, etc...

Definition of Minor according to United States Law

Additionally, any image can be removed at the discretion of staff if it is deemed unsuitable for this community.


  • No depictions of injury being caused to any living creature. This includes, but is not limited to, injury from either piercing or edged weapons/tools, projectiles, fire/chemical burns, blunt force trauma, punching, kicking, slapping, strangulation or crushing. This also includes accidents and self-harm.


CD's and DVD's

Products that are over the downloadable file size limit (150.00mb) must be offered on CD or DVD. To offer CD's or DVD's through the MarketPlace you will need to send a NFR (Not for Resell) CD to BondWare for testing prior to the product being released into the MarketPlace. Once the CD has passed testing you can then upload your Promo images and product information to the MarketPlace.

There are 2 options available when providing products on CD or DVD.
1) The vendor can send 5 or more CD's to Bondware on consignment. We will ship them out as they are ordered. When your inventory gets low we will request that you send in more inventory. The CD's or DVD's should be pre-labeled.
2) The vendor can send in a single master CD or DVD that Renderosity will duplicate each time a sale is made. We will provide a Renderosity CD/DVD label with the product name listed.

Payment for Shippable Products is as follows:
50/50% Artist provides CD's (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive)
40/60% Renderosity burns and provides CD's (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive)
When creating the CD's or DVD's please make sure that you include a copy of our License.txt file and your ReadMe.txt file in the CD's root folder.
Shippable products must follow the same guidelines as Downloadable Products, the only difference is that they are available on CD.

CD distribution requires a little more coordination with the Store Staff.
If you are interested in distributing your products on CD please contact

Reselling opportunities for software development companies are available.
Contact for reseller options.

If you have any questions please contact
Thank you for selecting Renderosity as your brokering partner!

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