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December 15, 2006 12:00 am

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  1. How To Texture Poser Figures In MojoWorld
    MojoWorld will do a fairly reasonable job of applying Poser texture maps to complex Poser figures when supplied with a .mtl file from Poser...Learn how in this tutorial by calyxa.

  2. Poser 5 Wishing Well....!
    Take our new poll and tell everyone what would you like to see come out or be installed in Poser 5!

  3. "Snowcloning" Using Poser & Photoshop
    Revised version of my very old tutorial on combining multiple Poser renders. With many practical and creative uses, I consider this to be the most essential postwork technique for any Poser artist.

  4. Poser Pro Pack
    The PoserĀ® Pro Pack is an essential extension to PoserĀ® 4, the Premier 3D-Character Animation Tool.

  5. Spotlight on MASA
    July 23rd - 27th, MASA will be our spotlight guest this week. My Poser life started when I happened to meet Mimi by Yamato at Poser Factory. At first sight, I loved her and ran out to buy Poser. Since then, I have started creating CG images.

  6. Z-toon Anime-style Tutorial For Poser
    This is a much easier and even more effective method of creating cel-shaded images in Poser than my original technique, and no postwork is required to achieve the cartoon look.

  7. 10 Tips For Poser Beginners
    Ten useful mini-tutorials designed to help new Poser users improve their images and solve common problems such as shadow detail, camera focal length, and using Victoria's eyebrows. Includes images for each tutorial.

  8. "The Dr. Is Out...(to lunch)!"
    Many of you are already familiar with the good doctor. Dr Geep has been a member of Renderosity for many years and is very well known for his outstanding Poser tutorials. Renderosity is proud to feature Dr Geep as a Featured Contributor and present the first in his notorious tutorials for Poser. So, let's begin with: +DG#001 Joint Parameters!

  9. The Future of Poser
    A Q&A with Curious Labs President Steve Cooper

  10. "The Dr. Is Out...(to lunch)!"
    The third installment of Dr. Geep's infamous tutorials. This one explores the differences in these two edges and how to make use of both in Poser with: +DG#003 Hard & Soft Edges

  11. How To Make "Animation-Style" Images
    A very brief tutorial by da mc on how to achieve that anime-feeling on our Poser cartoon/manga images with Paint Shop Pro 8...

  12. "The Doctor is out...(to lunch)!"
    Have fun exploring Poser animation with the second installment of notorious tutorials from the good doctor with: +DG#002 Animation.

  13. Post-Work Lighting Tutorial
    This tutorial focuses on relatively simple techniques that will serve to dramatically improve the lighting in many of your scenes. Suitable for: 2D Graphics, 3DS MAX, AMAPI 3D, Bryce, Carrara / Raydream, Cinema 4D, JASC Paint Shop Pro, LightWave, Maya, Poser, Rhino 3D, Strata 3D, TrueSpace, Wings 3D, Z Brush.

  14. The Grass is Greener
    Hair Room Tutorial #1 - Grass is Greener. Making grass is a good way to get introduced to the Poser 5 hair room. This tutorial will walk you the very basics of this stylish and fun tool set.

  15. ~NEW~ Free Downloads each week!
    The Renderosity MarketPlace Merchants will be offering FREE downloads each week. Read more to find out how to take advantage of this offer and see what has been offered in the previous weekly flyers!

  16. Spotlight On Curious Labs
    Thanks to Marc Keohane, CEO & President of Curious Labs, for taking the time to join us in the Renderosity Spotlight to answer your questions about Curious Labs, the Poser products and the future. The Spotlight is no longer taking new questions.

  17. Spotlight On 3-AXIS
    Now closed to new questions. Jeff Flower and Joe Grover from 3-AXIS, maker of POSER 5 DEMYSTIFIED, were in our Spotlight from December 1-6. Be sure to visit their website, www.3-AXIS.com...

  18. The Paula Sanders Report:
    Virtual Fashion for Poser

    Imagine! Now you can create your own fashions for James, Jessi, Miki, and Terai Yuki. It is easy and fun with Virtual Fashion Basic for Poser. Create many different styles of garments, including shoes, in this program and then import them into Poser 6.

  19. Working with Poser 6 Dynamic Hair [Part I]
    Join Paula, as she starts an exciting new tutorial series on working with Dynamic Hair in Poser 6!This week, she presents: Part I - Modifying the Skullcap.

  20. About Poser 5 Demystified

  21. Practical Poser 6
    Join Sandy as she gives you a preview of this exciting new book! See just why it's destined to give you everything you need to know to work with Poser 6.

  22. The Paula Sanders Report:
    Working with Poser 5 or 6 and Dynamic Hair in Vue 5 Infinite

    "In this tutorial, I am not trying to duplicate the look of Poser hair; what I am, hopefully, demonstrating is that Dynamic hair can look good in Vue 5 Infinite. I treat Dynamic hair as I do any other material on an object or a terrain in Vue 5. I use all the tools available to me to make it look the way I envision it."

  23. XfrogPlants Billboards Review
    Join Paula this week, as she reviews a new series of items from greenworks, called XfrogPlants Billboards."What are billboards? For those who have not used billboards before, think of alpha planes in Poser that do not require any work."Save 20% on Xfrog Plants Billboards, now through August 22nd!

  24. Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - Boundless
    We continue our monthly series of Getting To Know Renderosity's Free Stuff Artists. This month's featured Free Stuff Contributor is Petra Hornburg, who is better known on Renderosity as Boundless.

  25. Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - specs2
    We continue our monthly series of Getting To Know Renderosity's Free Stuff Artists. This month's featured Free Stuff Contributor is Christian G., who is better known on Renderosity as specs2.

  26. Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - Stonemason
    Each month we showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Stefan Morrell, better known to his Renderosity fellow artists as Stonemason.

  27. Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - Little_Dragon
    Once again we are Getting To Know Renderosity's Free Stuff Artists. This month's featured Free Stuff Contributor is Little_Dragon. Beware, you are about to enter the dragon's den ... we know you will enjoy this humorous look into the mind of Draco Minimus.

  28. Origins of Free Stuff
    Curious minds continue to ponder the deep questions here at Renderosity. Like "Where does Free Stuff come from?"In search of the answers, we present the second edition in a series of interviews with notorious Free Stuff providers. So, without further ado, we present an interview with...ernyoka1
  29. Renderosity Free Stuff Artist: Mystic-Nights
    Each month we showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase Eddie P [Mystic-Nights].

  30. FX with Poser 5
    The second excerpt from the Renderosity Magazine, Issue 7. Examine an easy way to obtain raytraced refractive effects that simulate glass, water, or invisibility cloaking, in Poser 5.

  31. The Paula Sanders Report: Greenbriar Studio's CR2 Loader and Morph Tools for Cinema 4D 9
    This week, Paula shows her findings while working with the CR2 Loader, Morph Tools, and Conformer Software for Cinema 4D 9. Read on to find out more on loading Poser figures into Cinema 4D, through this well-illustrated presentation.

  32. What's in a Name?
    What's in a name...a rose by any other name...is still a rose. But, in a community and in business it defines you and identifies you. Reputations are built and associated around names. Sometimes names need to be changed as in the case of our first Username Change customer...As Shanim who has just changed their Renderosity username to Aery_Soul...

  33. 10,000 Free Stuff Items!
    Our community has achieved another major accomplishment. We now have 10,000 Free Stuff Items available at Renderosity! Come join in the fun!

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