How To Install Poser Products On Your Computer

August 28, 2006 12:00 am

How To Install Poser Products On Your Computer (By: laetia) This is a beginner level tutorial. However, we're assuming that the user already has a basic understanding of his (or her) machine. There might be many other ways, shortcuts, or advanced methods to go through the installation, but these will not be covered in this tutorial so as not to confuse less experienced users Lastly, this tutorial was written using a product purchased at the MarketPlace -- products acquired through the FreeStuff section (or other websites) may not be packed using the same standard paths which are required of all the products carried by Renderosity's MarketPlace.
Part 1 - Installing on a PC You'll need to have WinZip (from for this part. Once you've downloaded the .ZIP file, simply double click it to launch WinZip. If you're in Wizard Mode, just follow the instructions on screen. All you need to do is to click the Extract button. You'll see a new dialog which will let you pick the location to unzip the files to. Make sure the "Use Folder Names" option is checked and enter or browse to your Poser folder - make sure you select the Poser folder, not the Runtime folder! You can then hit the Extract button, this will install all the files for you. Handy little Winzip trick: You can set a default location to unzip files in Winzip. Don't worry, you'll still be able to change it when the "Extract" dialog shows up. This way, you won't have to type or browse all the way to yur Poser folder everytime you want to install files - even after you've unzipped files to another location. Using the Menu, go to Options -> Configuration and switch to the Miscellaneous tab. All you need to do is set the preferences as shown below and hit OK.
Part 2 - Installing on a Mac If you're on Mac OS X, there is a default unzip application installed with the system, so you don't need another one. Otherwise, you'll need to have either StuffitExpander (from or ZipIt (from If you use Poser 4 (only), you will also need MartinC's Maconverter application (from Step 1: Unpacking the archive The first thing you need to do is get the files out of the archive. Double clicking on the .ZIP file should launch your default unzip application. Neither the default OS X archive helper nor StuffitExpander will not show a file listing, it will simply unzip the files to the same location where the ZIP is. To unzip with ZipIt, just select the files to unzip and use the Extract menu. Step 2: Converting PC files to Mac format NOTE: if you are using Poser 5, you can skip this and go to step 3 which explains how to install the files - you do not absolutely need to convert them. (note that if the product does not contain .PNG files for thumbnails and only has .RSR files, you will need to convert them - there is an application in the MarketPlace by fmorgan which you can purchase and use to this end.) The first thing you need to do is to launch Maconverter and then drag the Runtime folder from the ZIP you just unpacked onto its window. Once you drop the folder, Maconverter will start to calculate the number of files it needs to fix and make the Convert button active. Click it. Maconverter will convert your files and let you know when the job is done. If you would like to know what all the different options are about in Maconverter's main window, please refer to its user guide. For our purposes, the default options will do just fine; they will be checked and active at the time the Convert button actives itself. Step 3: Installing the files to your Poser directory Start by opening up the Runtime folder which contains the files to install. To make it easier, you should change the view options on the folder so you can view its contents as file instead of icon. Click on all the arrows at the left of the folders, until you reach a folder which contains files. Once you find one, you can click on the folder's arrow again; we don't need to see all the files, all we need to is know which folders contain files. Once you've located all the folders that contain files, your window will look something like this (Note that all the folders with their arrows pointing to the bottom contain another folder. The other ones all contain files.) In the event that you find a folder that contains both files and other folders, that's OK too; don't worry. Keep this window opened and double click on the hard drive icon on your desktop to open up a new Finder window. Use that one to navigate to your Poser directory. Navigate to the Runtime folder inside the Poser directory. When you've got it opened, you will see subfolders like Geometries, Libraries, Textures... You should set the View option to As List on this folder - that will make it much easier! The base folders in your Poser's Runtime directory where you might need to install your product files are shown below. (You probably won't need to install files elsewhere.) Geometries Contains all OBJ files Libraries contains these subfolders:
  • camera Contains all CM2 files
  • character Contains all CR2 files
  • face Contains all FC2 files
  • hair Contains all HR2 files
  • hand Contains all HD2 files
  • light Contains all LT2 files
  • Pose Contains all PZ2 files
  • Props Contains all PP2 files Reflection Maps Contains image files, like JPG
  • textures Contains image files, like JPG To install the product in the example above, you would select the folder named "MAT Bouquet" (it contains Poses, as you've probably already guessed) and drop it on the Pose folder in Poser's Runtime folder. Very important!! If you get a message that tells you that there is already an instance of this folder in Poser's Pose folder and asks if you'd like to overwrite it, say NO!! If you overwrite an older folder with a new one, the old one will be forever lost. And we definitely don't want to lose all our precious Poser files, do we? If you do get this warning message, what you need to do is go back to the product folder and open up the folder you were trying to install. So, in this example, we would click on the arrow next to the "MAT Bouquet" folder to see a list of all the files it contains. Now, in Poser's Runtime folder, open up the pose folder by clicking on its arrow and locate the "MAT Bouquet" folder there. You can now proceed to drag all the files from the product's "MAT Bouquet" folder into Poser's "MAT Bouquet" folder. You'll need to follow the same procedure for textures. In this example, there is a subfolder called "laetia" and then another subfolder called "Stockings". Poser's Textures folder has no predetermined structure, like the libraries folder does so if you're going to install the textures from this product, the folder you need to drag to install in inside Poser is the folder named "laetia". However, if there is already a folder by this name inside your textures folder (if you've previously installed a product from the same merchant for instance) then simply drag the "Stockings" folder to the already installed "laetia" folder. And if you get a warning about overwriting files, then drag only the files directly to the already installed subfolder (that is, from one "Stockings" folder to the other "Stockings" folder.) Once all your folders and files have been installed, your can close all the opened windows, launch Poser and play!!

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