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September 19, 2007 10:02 am

Get to know industry leaders and professionals as they sit down and talk candidly with Dee-Marie. Dee-Marie is currently one of our contributing columnists. Dee-Marie has previously served as the Renderosity Front Page News Managing Editor, a Senior Staff Writer, Former Editor in Chief of The Renderosity Magazine, and The RIM [Renderosity Interacitve Magazine].
Renderosity Front Page News:
SIGGRAPH '07 GS Chair, Rebecca Strzelec
The SIGGRAPH 2007 Guerilla Studio is back and better than ever, especially with ground-breaking artist, Rebecca Strzelec, as this year's avant-garde assembly leader. In true Guerilla Studio fashion, Rebecca sat down for a rapid-fire interview, delineating the concepts behind this year's lineup.
SIGGRAPH '07, Art Gallery Chair, Vibeke Sorensen
The 2007 SIGGRAPH Conference Art Gallery is filled with a plethora of: animation, artist books, art panels, art papers, art talks, digital performance, installations, monitor-based work, and wall-based work. Art Gallery Chair, Vibeke Sorensen, provides an in depth look into this year's Art Gallery experience.
Joe Marks Celebrates SIGGRAPH 2007
SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Chair Joe Marks, reluctantly succumbed when pressed (with gentle persuasion) to reveal his picks for this year's "top ten can't miss" conference experiences. If you are attending the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference, in San Diego, this August, I suggest that you not only visually digest the following interview, but also take it with you as a printed conference guide.
Interview by Dee-Marie, Contributing Columnist
FJORG! ahead to SIGGRAPH 2007
What happens when you sequester 45 Viking Animation Warriors in a room for 32 hours straight; armed only with a handful of specific software programs and powerful computers? No showers, no sleep, no smokes, no booze! Chief Viking High Priestess, Patricia Beckman-Wells, takes Dee-Marie on a wild backstage tour of FJORG!, the first international iron-animator event to invade (but can they conquer?) SIGGRAPH!
Interview by Dee-Marie - Contributing Columnist
SIGGRAPH 2007: Animator Anticipation!
Paul Debevec may not be a household name, but avid movie buffs are familiar with his work. His CG lighting techniques have enhanced such blockbuster adventure series as: Pirates of the Caribbean and Spider-Man. Paul has graciously set aside time from his demanding schedule to take us behind the scenes of the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference's most popular event: the Computer Animation Festival. Interview by Dee-Marie.
Interview by Dee-Marie, Contributing Columnist
POTC: At World's End…Worthy or Witless?
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End invites the audience to join Captain Jack Sparrow into his Bizarro World journey of hallucinogenic madness. With its excessive subplots and plot twists—will the breathtaking cinematography, amazing CGI/FX, and of course Johnny Depp, be enough to keep fans coming back for a repeat viewing?
Waxing Nostalgically With Asher Dudley
Have you ever wondered, "What ever happened to ... ? What has he or she been up to?" As Renderosity approaches its eighth birthday, we too have been waxing nostalgically with our new series—Where Are They Now? We start the series by catching up and interrogating, [no, no, that should read, interviewing] one of Renderosity's most beloved past Admins, Asher Dudley.
Lead Line Photo
Bruce (pushinfaders) Clayton— Renaissance Man
From multi-forum moderator to featured DVD artist, Bruce (pushinfaders) Clayton’s cyber fingerprints can be found throughout Renderosity. An outstanding artist, Bruce’s continued dedication to Renderosity, exceptional leadership, compassion and devotion has gained him the respect and admiration of his peers, staff, and community members.
Interview by Dee-Marie
Lead Line Photo
Daniel (danob) O'Byrne: An Eye For Beauty!
In the world of photography Daniel (danob) O'Byrne is remarkable; not only for his natural talent, but even more so for his rare lack of artistic ego. Danny is a humble man with an innate eye for recording the beauty of the world through his camera lens.
Interview by Dee-Marie
Lead Line Photo
Anders (cartesius) Kjellberg: Master 3D Artist!
Some artists dream of bringing life to their creations. Anders Kjellberg (better known on Renderosity as cartesius) transcends imagination. His attention to detail, composition and lighting qualifies Anders for the title of Master 3D Artist! Dee-Marie recently sat down with Anders to find out what motivates the man, the moderator, the artist ...
Interview by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
Lead Line Photo
Renderosity Profile: Adam Benton [kromekat]
A frequent showcase artist, Adam (kromekat) Benton has been a vital part of Renderosity since 2000. Not only is Adam a freelance computer graphic artist, and award winning film maker, he is also moderator of both the Cinema 4D and Macintosh forums.
Interview by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
Lead Line Photo
Flyboys Soar
Tony Bill, the director of Flyboys has a lot riding on his pledge to put the audience in the pilot’s cockpit of France’s WWI vintage fighting aircraft. With each aerial scene he succeeds in creating an on the edge of your seat experience … not to mention the scene stealing lion.
Movie Review by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
Lead Line Photo
Captain Jack is Back!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum ~ The Pirates of The Caribbean (Dead Man’s Chest) are back ~ this time the good, bad, and the ugly are in search of the key and chest of the notorious Davy Jones, which safeguards the secret to life and/or death to a multitude of characters.
Movie review by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
The Aural Of Art
Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel is renown in her native Brazil as an academic, as well as an award winning artist. Her best known work of art, Voice Mosaic, interweaves Internet interaction between artist and viewer. Delving into a mosaic created from the participants’ voices and colorful pixels; Martha’s Voice Mosaic is a visual and aural mixture of creativity.
Interview by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
Lead Line Photo
SIGGRAPH Conference Chair, John Finnegan
Historically, Boston has been notorious for hosting revolutions, which makes Boston the perfect city to host the 2006 SIGGRAPH conference. Dee-Marie interviews SIGGRAPH Conference Chair, John Finnegan, who promises the 2006 conference to be a radical change from previous years ... Join The Revolution!
Interview by Guest Columnist - Dee-Marie
Lead Line Photo
Alyn Rockwood – How Noble in Reason!
Dr. Alyn Rockwood’s fascination with the world of computers, blended with an insatiable curiosity in the workings of human nature, drove him to write his first sci-fi novel How Noble in Reason. Explore his intriguing journey from academia to novelist.
Interview by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
Lead Line Photo
Guerilla Studio’s Wild Ride
This year’s SIGGRAPH 2006 Guerilla Studio promises to take you on a wild ride through the world of futuristic art. Your hostess for the trip is none other than the electrifying artist Kimberly Voigt, this year’s Guerilla Studio Chair. Hop aboard, for the “E” ride of your life, as Kimberly gives you a tour of this year’s Guerilla Studio adventure!
Interview by Guest Columnist - Dee-Marie
Lead Line Photo
Computer Animation Chair Terrence Masson
Dee-Marie discovers the secrets of the man behind the mysteries of the original Budweiser Frogs, and who shot Kenny on South Park — as she interviews the creative genius of this year’s SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Chair Terrence Masson.
Interview by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
Lead Line Photo
Furs, Feathers, and Fabrics [interview with author, Paula Sanders]
We all know Paula Sanders from her outstanding work as Renderosity’s prolific artist and writer. But did you know that she is also a published non-fiction author? Dee-Marie interviews Paula as she shares her publishing secrets of her current book-on-CD, Fur, Feathers, and Fabrics, which was co-written with her husband Don.
Interview by Dee-Marie - Guest Columnist
"Let's Talk" with Cameron Brown
"Let's Talk," with Dee-Marie: This month's guest is Cameron Brown - a leader in the field of promoting artists and their works, through his publishing company AAPPL - which produced Renderosity: Art for the 21st Century, and the upcoming Renderosity: The Best of Digital Art.
Interview by Dee-Marie
"Let's Talk" with David A. Hardy
Whether he is virtually riding a motorcycle around the Rings of Saturn, or playing riffs on his guitar, you can bet that David A. Hardy is never far from his first loves – Art and Astronomy. Renowned artist and author, David A. Hardy, has graciously allowed us to — Explore His Worlds!
Interview by Dee-Marie
"Let's Talk" with John E. Hudgens - Award Winning Director of Sith Apprentice
Held over for a second week by popular demand … get to know John E. Hudgens and view his full length award winning Star Wars Fan Film Sith Apprentice . Featuring Darth Vadar, like you have never seen him before!
Interview by Dee-Marie
"Let's Talk" with John E. Hudgens - Award Winning Director of Sith Apprentice - Long Version
“Find something that you love to do, then find a way to make a living doing it!” That is exactly what award-winning director John E. Hudgens did. John gives us a behind the scene journey into the making of Sith Apprentice — winner of the Star Wars Fan Films Audience Choice Award.
Interview by Dee-Marie
"Let's Talk" with Joseph Corsentino
Do you remember being told those magical bedtime tales of When Fairies Ruled the World? If those stories are hidden in your childhood dreams, fantasy photographer Joesph Corsentino has the key to unlock those mystical slumbering memories ...
Dee-Marie - 8 opinions posted
"Let's Talk" with SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Chair - Samuel Lord Black
The “can’t miss” event of this year’s SIGGRAPH conference is the Computer Animation Festival ... and Samuel Lord Black is the perfect festival chair! Know before you go ... preview the Computer Animation Festival trailer, read the schedule, view selected animation frames.
Interview by Dee-Marie - 4 opinions posted
"Lets Talk" with SIGGRAPH Papers Chair - Dr. Markus Gross
Dr. Markus Gross, SIGGRAPH’s Papers Chair, gives us an inside look into the Papers program, its history, and the reason why Papers is the core of the SIGGRAPH experience.
interview by Dee-Marie - 1 opinion posted
50 Years in Space, The Challenge of the Stars
Join us as Senior Staff Writer, Dee-Marie, reviews the latest offering from renowned authors and artists David A. Hardy and Sir Patrick Moore.
Dee-Marie - 2 opinions posted
Cartoonist James True
We are excited to present another interview in our series featuring members of the Renderosity Cartoonist Team. Each week these outstanding artists put the "giggles" in our funny bones, and the "thrills and chills" in our adventurous spirits. This week's cartoonist is a man of many hats ... jtrue [James True].
Interview by Dee-Marie - 6 opinions posted
Dogwaffle’s PD Pro Digital Painter 3.1
Spoiler Alert … I love [Project Dogwaffle] PD Pro Digital Painter 3.1! If you own a copy, we welcome you to post your comments, if you are not familiar with the program, I encourage you to read on, try the demo, and make your purchase, 'cause I know you are going to love it too!
Product Review by Dee-Marie - 12 opinions posted
Getting To Know Joshua Spies
Award winning artist, Joshua Spies creates wildlife images with such unique artistic techniques, that his paintings appear to come to life with each brushstroke. Join with me as I explore the amazing world of Joshua Spies ... Artist Extraordinaire!
Interview by Dee-Marie - 9 opinions posted
Let's Talk With Frank Picini [fpicini]
It’s that time again, when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play. Who better to join in the fun, other than the Dark Lord of Inspiration, the Spirit-Master himself, last year’s Halloween Contest winner, Frank Picini [fpicini]. Come explore the muse behind the man.
Interview by Dee-Marie - 3 opinions posted
Let’s talk with Perry Edwards about Nicktoons’ Animation Film Festival
Perry Edwards [Perry6], shares his true-confessions … learn how a passing conversation with his sister [about walking her dog], morphed into an animation film short film [A Short Visit to Toy Town], and earned Perry a television spot on Nextoons: The Nicktoons Film Festival 2005 ...
Interview by Dee-Marie - 15 opinions posted
SIGGRAPH 2005 - What To Know Before You Get There!
James L. Mohler, SIGGRAPH’s Conference Chairperson, graciously took time out of his busy schedule to advise conference goers on how to get the most out of this year’s SIGGRAPH event. On the top of his can't miss list, is the keynote address with world-renowned director, producer, and screenwriter George Lucas.
interview by Dee-Marie - 6 opinions posted
Tim Choate - Shares A Preview Of His "State Of The Site" Spotlight
Next week, Tim Choate, President of Bondware, Inc., parent company of Renderosity, will once again be hosting Renderosity’s Annual "State of the Site" Community Spotlight. This week, Tim has graciously agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some pre-Spotlight questions.
Pre-Spotlight Interview by Dee-Marie
d’artiste Digital Master Class: Character Modeling
Ballistic Publishing recently released a second book in their Digital Artist Master Class series — d’artiste Digital Master Class: Character Modeling. More than a learning experience, this exquisitely produced book is also a work of art that will appeal to both working artists and art lovers!
Review by Dee-Marie - 10 opinions posted
Inside Siggraph 2004 - Part 2:
An interview with Sue Gollifer, SIGGRAPH 2004’s Art Gallery Chairperson (July 14, 2004)
Inside Siggraph 2004 - Part 1:
An interview Heather Elliott-Famularo , SIGGRAPH 2004’s Emerging Technologies Chairperson (July 5, 2004)
Charlene Banta:
Charlene Banta (CookieVixn) will be giving two must attend workshops (“The Zen of Making it in the Entertainment Industry” and “Using Sound to Color Your Canvas”) at The Renderosity/Dragon*Con Convention. A graduate of USC, Charlene has spent her post college years in the Film and Television Industry working her Sound-Effects Magic on a variety of TV shows; The Power Rangers, Masked Rider, and The Big Bad Beetleborgs to name a few!

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