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DVD training - Inside adobe Photoshop CS2

nickcharles · June 12, 2006 9:18 pm

Today, the digital professional must stay on top of the latest advances in the programs they use, and be able to use them effectively. Hobbyists also, want to get right to work and bring their artistic ideas to life with the confidence of knowing just how to do it. Sure, one can plug away with a program's user manual, however, for many it is much easier, and far quicker, to learn by instruction. Real examples, real projects, and real instruction, in step-by-step fashion.

The Product:

Magnet Media's Digital Media Training Series (DMTS™), boasts "Project-Based Training", and they certainly come through with Inside Adobe Photoshop CS2, the subject of this review. With instruction led by Steve Weinrebe, an Adobe Certified instructor with 30 plus years of experience, you are assured of getting skilled training.

The project this DVD guides you through, is the creation of a travel website. In just over 6 hours of training, you learn everything needed to do just that. The DVD also includes all the media files needed for the project, so you can work right alongside the instructor (the instruction pauses while you work, so you don't miss anything). The DVD starts with a general introduction and overview of the sections that will be covered, then gets right down to it.

Topics covered:

Basics of Working with Photoshop CS2

Here, you get an overview of the interface, including a description of the tools, palettes, and menus. You also learn the basics of masking, color, and selection. Most importantly, in this section, you are introduced to the use of Adobe Bridge.

General Image Manipulation

In this section, you learn the basics of color correction and retouching. This also includes good tips on using the healing and cloning tools.

Retouching in Perspective

Now you start to get a look at some of the new features in Photoshop CS2. With the Vanishing Point Filter, you are shown how it can be used to set up grids for cloning in perspective. You also learn about Camera Raw, and the new Lens Correction Filter.

Smart Features

Here, you get in-depth instruction on how to use some more new features. These are: Smart Objects, the Smart Sharpen Tool, and the Reduce Noise filter.

Preparing Images for the Web

This section covers the basics of bringing your work into Image Ready, where you move along in the project to create a web interface and rollover buttons. You then also learn the fundamentals of working with text.

Animation and Video in Photoshop CS2

The real gem, and the largest portion of the DVD, is the instruction on creating animations and working with video within Photoshop. Here, you learn all about the new animation tools available in CS2, as well as how to import, manipulate, and export video.


All said, this is an outstanding training tool, and handy reference when needed. For effective training in a short time period, this is the way to go to get up and running right from the start. In addition to all the covered topics, you also get plenty of expert tips at every turn. I was amazed at how much I learned, and retained, after working with this DVD. Whether completely new to Photoshop CS2, or interested in learning how to use all the new features to the fullest potential, I highly recommend it.

Inside Adobe Photoshop CS2 retails for $99.00 (USD).

You can read more about this DVD here.

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About Magnet Media

Magnet Media produces and distributes the most advanced, highest quality,and most affordable software training products available. The company’s two series—DMTS ™ and Zoom In—quickly teach anyone with business or creative software how to use their applications effectively.

Magnet Media has developed strong relationships with the leading software companies targeting creative and business professionals. Our catalog of distinguished products has won numerous awards while receiving broad industry acclaim, and our products feature expert instructors from all corners of the industry. We distribute products alongside target software applications in both retail and online channels.

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The Digital Media Training Series is an award-winning educational series for creatives.Presented by world-renowned experts in the field, each DMTS™ DVD takes viewers step-by-step through the creation of a real-world project while viewers work alongside the instructor to master leading digital tools.

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June 12, 2006

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LillianH ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 12 June 2006

Great timing Nick! I just got this program. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks, Lillian