Tim Choate - Shares A Preview Of His "State Of The Site" Spotlight

deemarie · November 7, 2005 6:37 pm

Tim Choate, President of Bondware, Inc., parent company of Renderosity, will once again be hosting our Annual "State of the Site" Community Spotlight next week. During the Spotlight week, the community is invited to participate and ask questions. This week, I had the good fortune to sit down with Tim, to get a preview of what's in store when the community puts him in the Spotlight next week. See what Tim had to say about last year's accomplishments and the future of Renderosity.
2005 has been an exciting year for Renderosity, can you please give us a summary of this year's site highlights? Renderosity continues to be a vibrant web community. Most of that is due to the passionate support of the Members, Coords, Mods, and Admins who frequent the site. Over the past year, site membership grew from 299,042 to 390,697 (about 30%). During the year, the staff has undertaken several big projects that were suggested by members in previous year surveys. Here's a top line list of those projects completed this year:
  • Community staffing/organization
  • Child Image Guidelines implemented
  • Webring clean-up to eliminate questionable non-art sites
  • Forum pruning/staffing
  • Creation of the Front Page Managing Editor position and writing team
  • Various Marketplace improvements for merchants and buyers
  • Increased awareness of copyright protection and intellectual property laws in MP
  • Removal of certain product categories in MP to ensure broad access to the site
  • Support of new/additional software products
  • Massive, year-long project to modernize MP and integrate with Bondware 3.0 nearing critical milestone. This is the first of a multi-phase plan to port the site code to BW 3.0 & PHP.
  • Increased marketing with print ads in significant publications
  • Marketing partnerships with 36 Affiliates /Software companies
  • Exploratory publishing projects How do you feel that the reorganization of the Renderosity Staff has affected the over-all community? Growth beyond a certain point often drives a new strategy for managing a large online community. Stacey and Sandy have done a great job organizing the Mods and Coords to better serve the members. The Front-Page News writing team, with experienced editorial guidance from you Dee-Marie, is excellent at creating new and interesting content to the membership. Lastly, Lillian has really raised the bar in terms of creative ways to spread the good word about Renderosity. Of all the above year's accomplishments, which do your personally feel was the biggest success? That's a tough question since all these areas are important. In terms of long term positive effect to the site, its hard to overestimate the importance of the Community management improvements. Likewise, creating and rolling the new software code base for the site will likely create unprecedented opportunities for years to come. We still have a couple months left in this year, any surprises left that you can share with the community? Well, you always like to keep a few cards up your sleeve. The reality is that our staff is busy making sure the site runs smoothly on a daily basis. At the same time, we are developing, planning, and testing new features for the RMP. Our timeline for cutting over the RMP is still fluid, but once that happens, it will be followed quickly by other features/applications within Renderosity. What new features can the community expect for 2006? A new version of the Renderosity Market Place will definitely be the first and most visible part of the site to change, followed quickly by other site features. Overall, I expect Renderosity to see more positive change in 2006 than it has since the beginning in 1999-2000.

Get your questions ready, and be sure to drop by the Front Page News next week, as once again, Tim takes his place in the Community Spotlight hot seat. Until then, we invite you to revisit Tim's past "State of the Site" Spotlights.
November 7, 2005