New & Improved Render Rewards Is Here!

jennblake · March 28, 2019 5:34 pm

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Render Rewards

Enhancements to Render Rewards Program

Just last week we announced that we had some exciting improvements coming to our Render Rewards program. Today, we're pleased to introduce you to our new and improved rewards program.

As mentioned previously, MarketPlace purchases along with additional Community & MarketPlace actions will have a point value associated with them. Based on the action(s) that you perform, you'll begin to accrue points that will be associated with your account. Points will be redeemable for Renderosity Gift Certificates in $5.00 increments. You will also be able to gift points to Renderosity members on your Render Rewards Account Dashboard

If you're a frequent Render Reward recipient you have nothing to fear. The allocation of points based on dollars spent will still yield the same percentage payback. These additional opportunities will ONLY enhance our current program.

You don't have to worry about signing up for anything or keeping track of your points - we'll be doing all of that for you! You'll be able to monitor your points all through an easy-to-use account dashboard.

Click Here to view and bookmark your Render Rewards dashboard.

Actions That Will Earn You Points & Associated Point Values

  • Gallery Uploads: 3 Points
  • Approved FreeStuff Uploads: 20 Points
  • Approved Tutorial Uploads: 30 Points
  • Product Uploads: 25 Points
  • Approved Contest Submissions: 20 Points
  • MarketPlace Purchases: *5 Points for every $1.00 Spent
    • *7 Points for every $1.00 spent if you are a Prime Member.
  • 5 Points for every Product Review you post.

Where To Keep Track Of Your Points?

We've created a Render Rewards Dashboard where you can monitor your points and redeem/gift them when minimum points are accumulated.

So What Do You Do With ALL Of These Points?

Once you have accumulated AT LEAST 500 points, you can choose to redeem these points for a Renderosity Gift Certificate.


  1. 500 Points can be redeemed for a $5 Renderosity Gift Certificate.
  2. 1,000 Points can be redeemed for a $10 Renderosity Gift Certificate.
  3. 750 Points can be redeemed for a $5 Renderosity Gift Certificate and you would then have a 250 point balance left on your account.
  4. 1,500 Points can be redeemed for a $10 Gift Certificate and you could then gift a $5 Gift Certificate to a fellow Renderosity member.

Once you've chosen to redeem points for a Gift Certificate, that Gift Certificate will be valid for 30 days from the time of redemption.

Vendors now have the option to use their points to purchase Sponsored Product Ads

In the months to come, we also have plans to allow vendors the opportunity to purchase a variety of advertising tools available on our site via their point accrual.

If you should have any further questions regarding this program, please feel free to send us a message at

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Article Comments

TruForm ( posted at 4:36AM Thu, 25 May 2017

This sounds pretty awesome!

cedarwolf ( posted at 10:14AM Thu, 25 May 2017

VERY interested. Credit for uploading images? Can't wait to see requirements on that one. I haven't been posting anywhere for a while.

Vueiy ( posted at 11:20AM Sat, 27 May 2017


Biscuits ( posted at 3:31AM Thu, 01 June 2017

What a genious idea!! So fun and clever!

jdstrider ( posted at 2:25PM Thu, 01 June 2017

Intriguing, I like the idea of earning even more rewards!

Howy2012 ( posted at 4:55AM Fri, 02 June 2017

One idea you may want to consider - a few points for leaving product reviews...

Howy2012 ( posted at 5:16AM Fri, 02 June 2017

Do the points still expire at the end of the month? If so, if your a penny short for a gift cert, you get nothing?

3dcheapskate ( posted at 5:42AM Fri, 02 June 2017

Sooo... if in June I reupload the 80+ freebies that I removed back in 2015 would I get the points ? ;o)

jennblake ( posted at 10:09AM Fri, 02 June 2017

Points for Product Reviews is coming. 😄

Points do not expire..they continue to collect until you "cash them in" for a Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates do expire 30 days after creation.

Yes, if you reupload the 80 freebies you would get points for those.

Uploading images is the same requirements as uploading without points. Nothing new there!

FlagonsWorkshop ( posted at 12:27PM Fri, 02 June 2017

Seconding Howy2012 idea - I think giving some kind of points for giving reviews would be helpful, there seem to be so few people doing it these days.

tiggersprings ( posted at 2:45PM Sat, 03 June 2017

Are we not going to get "credit" for orders placed with gift certificates?

Honestly, I prefer that old "pay out" system for "Render Rewards" as far as purchases go. This point system is kind of rip because so few things here are in round dollar amounts. I just spent $Xx.98 and I'm only seeing points for the round amount. And since the points are only redeemable in 500 increments, those that routinely spent wonky amounts and got more than $7 a month back (under old system) are going to have to wait to claim all our points until we accrue points. Under the wold system, if I spent enough to get $9 back the next month, I could (and had to) use all the $9 the next month. Under the new system... Say I earn 750 points. I can claim 500 (a $5) gift certificate the next month. However, to get the rest, I have to hang onto and wait for another 250 points to build before I get the rest of my "reward."

I'm all for the rest of the point, except for the store purchases part. The 7 points per dollar spent just doesn't quite equal the 7% back that we used to get. The other stuff is cool.

RodS ( posted at 10:00PM Sat, 03 June 2017

How about 1 point per comment on gallery posts. No one seems interested in commenting anymore.... This might be an incentive. Sounds like a cool system, especially if the points don't expire. I like that!

screencraft ( posted at 2:12PM Wed, 07 June 2017

I am still dealing with the frustration of LOSING rewards if not spent in the next month. Sometimes I'm just too busy to spend hours on Rendo, and then I lose out. In May I lost over $19 because I just couldn't get to them in time. They really should accrue, at least over 3 months. My opinion. :)

thaaksma ( posted at 3:11PM Wed, 07 June 2017

@screencraft - Your Rewards points WILL accrue (not expire) until you're ready to cash them in for a Renderosity Gift Certificate. Once you have cashed them in, however, that's when you'll have the 30 days to use the respective Gift Certificate. This newly revised system will then give someone like yourself more flexibility in how you redeem/use your rewards.

screencraft ( posted at 3:19PM Wed, 07 June 2017

Oh good news! Thanks thaaksma, tend to skim when reading due to time. lol!

Howy2012 ( posted at 7:58AM Thu, 08 June 2017

Hivewire gives you points as a birthday "gift" - you may want to consider that (I didn't realize they did this until I got some, myself, just the other day.)

This may be an unpopular one: instead of just giving point for image uploads, what about points only if the image uses (and properly credits, which would make it easier to track for points purposes) a vendor/product? I know that may seem self-serving for Rendo (but it is a business, after all) and limiting for folks that don't use anything from Rendo in an image, but if the points are supposed to be a reward in return for purchases, it fits. And it also deals with the "if I put up all my snapshots of my dog, they earns points" issue. And when I am considering buying something, I like to see what others have done with it, as well as how it renders and conforms "in real life" as opposed to the vendor images (and often the product looks even better in user images) and those images would then show up under that products gallery. I see a lot of images using products that I like but can't find, because the products/vendors aren't credited

I think RodS's "comment" idea is a good one as well, toward building "community."

Seliah ( posted at 3:57PM Fri, 09 June 2017

I have one major beef with this system. Admittedly, it's my only complaint, but for me, it's a pretty big issue.

We can only use ONE coupon or gift certificate code per purchase. So, by doing it this way, you have effectively made it such that customers can NEVER use MORE than a measley little $5 discount on ANY purchase they make.

Great win for the corporate side of Renderosity's business. I'm sure the profit-minded shareholders love it.

For me? It makes sure that I spend even less here now than I used to. More times than I care to admit, there are items I have purchased here that I could not have afforded to under normal circumstances, because I had a $10 or $15 render rewards saved up on that month. In those instances, I would NEVER be able to use the FULL amount on a SINGLE purchase.

Thanks - but no thanks. This makes the entire system worthless to me. $5 off a purchase is fine for small ticket items, but I specifically saved my reward amounts to use on the big ticket items that I could never afford under normal circumstances, and this system has effectively ELIMINATED that.

I'll pass. No thank you. I'm sure others will enjoy the new system, but it's now officially useless to me.

thaaksma ( posted at 7:31AM Sat, 10 June 2017

@Seliah - I don't understand your take on this? Yes - you can only use one Gift Certificate per transaction but why are you limited to the 'measley little $5 discount'..? The Gift Certificate amount is only limited by the points you've accrued through your actions around the site. If you've earned enough points for a $10, $15, $25 or even $50 Gift Certificate then you can use those at checkout...

Seliah ( posted at 1:35PM Sat, 10 June 2017

@Thaaksma - Ah, alright. That makes more sense! For some reason, when I read the announcement, it seemed to be saying that the points could only be redeemed for GC's in $5.00 amounts at a time. THAT is why I had the reaction with the gift certificate conversion.

I actually like the rest of it... it was just my concerns over being able to only use one redemption code or one gift certificate (with the misunderstood $5 GC amounts) that bothered me.

Thanks for pointing that out - I stand corrected. Please consider my prior post retracted. :)

thaaksma ( posted at 8:59AM Mon, 12 June 2017

@Seliah - Thanks for the response and I'm glad I was able to offer some clarification. If you had that concern, chances are some other members did as well. I'm glad you asked. Best regards, Tim

RedPhantom ( posted at 6:04PM Mon, 12 June 2017

Lately, there has been complaints that too much stuff is Daz only. Prior to that, the complaint was too much was poser only. Few things seem to have Extended licenses. New departments have been added. I don't know if they're supported well. Perhaps to encourage a more rounded marketplace, you can give bonuses to vendors if they upload to one department or another during a given month. In July, 2D uploads get a bonus. In August, it's obj files etc. and it doesn't have to be an exclusive for a department either. If they want to support obj and Daz at the same time with the same thing, that's cool.

jennblake ( posted at 9:16PM Thu, 22 June 2017

All good ideas! Also...Points for Product Reviews are here! We are working on more things to add. Keep the ideas coming! Hope you all are enjoying the additions to the Render Rewards!

tsarist ( posted at 11:10PM Fri, 22 September 2017

I'm not sure if I like this new plan or not.

Can someone answer this question for me? Can I accumulate points for FOUR months, and THEN turn those points in for a Gift Certificate (Let's say I have 5000 points)?

OR do those points vanish after 30 days?

3D_Style ( posted at 3:34PM Thu, 20 December 2018

Great idea! Very useful and encoraging.

regilio ( posted at 10:23AM Wed, 17 April 2019

I am not seeing a product reviews on my rewards dashboard, does it just not say it, or is it not in effect ?

jennblake ( posted at 10:52AM Wed, 17 April 2019

That has been added to the list and is in effect. 😄

regilio ( posted at 6:13PM Fri, 19 April 2019

Thanks jenn !

barbzthorpe ( posted at 5:54AM Mon, 11 November 2019

Great idea.

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